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Resort business Serbia is based on healing mineral springs driving from under the ground almost throughout the country. In this part of the Balkans of them more than a thousand. The Romans who came here in the first century of our era, first experienced therapeutic properties of local water. Today in Serbia about 30 medical and wellness resorts, the base for which the thermal and mineral waters serve. Treated with their help rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of digestive organs, skin diseases and much more. Serbs call their resorts "bath". We got acquainted with the advantages of only four of them.

Monthly Banya is about 200 km from the Serbian capital. On the way, which will still have to overcome on the vehicle, it makes sense to have lunch at a small restaurant "Shashavitz". In the interior there is no sores, there is no simple village cafais, however, however, take the TURGRUPU, departing at the excursion trip around the country. Treat B "Shashavice" Delicious home meal. This gastronomic discovery will certainly become Caimak, the traditional Serbian dairy product – removed and sprung with its own weight. Fresh milk foam. Something like oil is obtained at the exit, but not so fat. Be sure to try chorba soup, which can be both meat and fish, and tomlenny, it is tomple on slow fire, and not one hour, veal with vegetables. By the way, about the name of the restaurant. In short "Shashavitz" In Serbia, they call not quite an adequate person, with a madman. But the name is not at all in their honor. It is also called beams that support roof in rustic houses. Under its weight, the beam twisted (apparently, this property of the tree, from which these beams are manufactured), is bizarrely twisting that the Serbs reminds of people who are not friends with their head. The restaurant lives a few horses, modest donkey, exotic chickens and a whole flock of different parrots. So, thorough hunger, you can talk with wildlife.

Let’s go back, however, to the topic of our story – the year-round resort of Vnunichka Banya, the largest and most popular in Serbia. His modern history began approximately 140 years ago, but the Roman warriors who used her wounds still in the second century of our era also knew about the magical properties of local water. At the same time in all hotels, apartments, recreation houses, boarding houses, private mansions of Varnug Banya can take more than 11 thousand. human. For the year it is visited by about 650 thousand. guests.

Major adelers of vnignination baths – citizens of the former Yugoslav Republics. However, there are also the French, the Italians, and the Greeks, and the ours (there are no separate statistics on our citizens, but there are translators) – It is in these countries that the Serbs are most actively promoting their resort opportunities. The crisis did not bypass the bath side – last year the tour flow fell by 10%, but the number of overnight stays, nevertheless, did not fall.

Resort "serve" Seven carbon dioxide and alkaline sources with water temperature from 14 ° to 37 °. It is curious that one of them is truly unique – anywhere in the world, as we explained, the thermal water is not found, which is absolutely coincident in temperature with a healthy human body. Omitting a thermometer shows the same 36.6 °. The source is called – heat water. And the one that above 14 ° does not heat up, – Snezhnik. The main therapeutic profile of the resort – disease, including chronic, digestive organs.

All medicine has been concentrated at the Institute for Prevention, Healing and Rehabilitation "Mercur", Calculated for 800 beds.

  • Vnigno Banya
  • A source
  • "Mercur"

A complex consisting of 4 buildings includes a wellness center with a thermomineral pool, X-ray, gastroenterological, endoscopic and gynecological departments, laboratories and medkabines of various purposes. Everything is equipped with the most modern medical equipment. Special attention is paid to the treatment of diabetes. The main fighter with it is highly mineralized water.

Monthly Bath - Pearl of European Resorts
  • Pool
  • SPA
  • Local residents

Give here tribute and modern wellness trends – who wants and can use the services of a fitness center and SPA.

The resort cozy is located on the slopes of the Mountain of GOC, which crushed the thick forests and herbs, most of which medicinal. Locals are actively used by this, collecting herbs, dried, and then sell by resort workers. They can always have a bottle for water.

In the resort and besides the treatment, all year round there is something to do – the carnivals are ram, please fans of the beer festival and rock festival, not empty the scene of the summer theater, does not go out the screen of the cinema. Literary evenings regularly pass in the beautiful local library. Many public and at the concerts of classical music. For more than 30 years, Banya is adopted by the Festival of Kinoszenarists. Love to be celebrated here and newlyweds. The bridge of the lovers will soon, apparently, will collapse under the weight of the castles fastening their.

In winter, a few lifts start to work on Mount GO. Runs are simple, rather for novice skiers, there are lands. Each respected hotel is carefully preparing for a new year meeting, organizing parties with Santa Claus. The summer season officially opens on May 1.

Plugging Banya is famous and its extensive park stretching in almost 70 hectares.

  • Bridge of lovers
  • A park
  • Monastery Zhich

The surroundings of the resort will tell a lot of interesting things to those who want to learn more about Serbia and its history. One of the strongest places of attraction – a monastery of the Zhić, founded at the beginning of the XIII century (1219) by Prince Stefan Hovolynovnaya. And he himself, and the 19 Serbian rulers who followed him were crowned in the Ascension Cathedral of the Monastery. The last time this happened at the beginning of the 20th century, when Peter I Karageorgievich got up at the head of Serbia.

Healing water, by the way, hits from under the ground and near the monastery. These sources are revered, naturally, like saints.

The monastery is worth, forgetting for the time about sores, go to it. He is flesh from his flesh of his country, therefore, more than once, he was destroyed and robbed, and in the 20th century it was also bombed, in the same not by night I remember 1999. Therefore, otherwise, as a miracle, you can not consider preserved on the walls of the Ascension Temple of the Fresco. Their restoration in the 20th century, our icon painters-emigrants were engaged in both.

The administration of the marginal bath seeks to get away from one-scene and develops the city not only as a resort, but also as a major tourist center. Many funds are inserted into the construction of hotels of categories not lower than 4 *, new fitness and wellness centers appear, which wishes are invited to go hunting or fishing, sports and cognitive areas of tourism are promoted. Great opportunities are provided for various business events. Autumn – the most convenient time for this.

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