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Drive through the whole coast of the smallest of the Balkan Peninsula countries – it’s a simple, the path from Croatian to the Albanian border It takes four hours. But it is better to focus on the most picturesque plot – Western. Mountains, although low, approach the water itself, the wind drives in the blue sky chubby clouds.


Hidden in the depth of the southern fjord of Europe Amazes with its Italian. What is at least the Lion of the Holy Brand in the city gate! Lev – and serves as a hint: From the XV to the end of the XVIII century, the Venetian colony with white-named palazzo, Italian names on the tables of houses and the fortress of San Giovanni, the walls of which Singing old town and go on grief.

To the viewing platform on the top of the mountain are one and a half thousand steps, Lifting by which will take about an hour; Awards will serve a dizzy (in the literal) view of the bay.

Diversify the collection of photos with Kotorbay tag, if you drive away from which is five kilometers away or cross the bay on the motor boat. On the only street of Pruchani, Venetian Palazzo compete with each other in romantic nestness on the background of a lush baroque temple.


At the walls of the fortress begins a mountain array of delicious and territory One of the five National Parks Montenegro. On the serpentine in one hour and 26 turns you can go to the top – Rush Rush. Here is the Mausoleum of Peter II of Nesha, Metropolitan and the ruler of Montenegro in the middle of the XIX century, part-time the main poet of the country. Built in 1974 at the place of the chapel of the mausoleum Doubtful aesthetic value, But from the observation deck opens panorama of the whole country.


On the outskirts Delichen National Park, Distance from the coastline is Cetina – Cultural and Museum Capital Country. Palace of the first and only king Montenegro Nikoli i modest on the background of the elegant embassies of Russia and Italy, and in the main monastery – Nativity of the Virgin – will come from the strength of a dozen monks.

Nevertheless, it was here that the history of Montenegro was caught here, from here the state of the rules of Vladyka-Metropolitan Peter II, and here after the October Revolution from Russia brought Christian shrines – Desna of John the Baptist, Fragment of the Calval Cross and the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Odihythriya Firlamskaya". Some anti-paradity Cetina is compensated pomp and the grandeur of the mountains, Sleepy of cypresses and height of the sky.


The biggest I The most famous coast resort, proudly wearing the title of the tourist capital of the country, it is better to drive, without stopping, through – the abundance of multi-storey houses and the high population density are badly combined with rest. It is possible to slow down, perhaps only at the site overlooking Island Fortress Sveti Stefan, Business Card Budva Riviera. The island is one of the oldest European hotel hotels Aman Resorts and is open only for the resort guests, however, the view still has the most open-time.

Montenegro Tourist

Herceg Novi

Moving towards Croatia, get to the most quiet and most cozy From the resorts of Montenegro – Herceg Novi. The main local beauty: Amphitheater, remaining from the Turkish Fortress of Canley Coula; Similar to Ladewes SAAT COOL; Fort Spagnol as a reminder of the short to the stay of the Spaniards; Venetian fortress Fort Mare; The preserved station building on the embankment, in which during the Austro-Hungarian Empire Railway passed.

Bypassing them everything is not difficult for two hours, but the time should be laid on endless descents and lifts on the streets stairs, which will wear the old town.

Having been widowed, you can dine in "Grad Caphane" – Central, built in the Austrian Cafe with a spacious terrace overlooking the sea. Like everywhere in the Balkans, heavy meat dishes prefer in Montenegro, however, on the coast, it is served by schoolkogo-mussels in seashells stewed in a tomato-garlic sauce with the addition of white wine.

Continue the study of Herceg Novi in Savina district, name to which Savvin monastery gave. In the local shop selling monastic white, grapes for which grows right there, on a cool slope. Not far between our Church of St. Fedor (Ushakov) With historical necropolme of bellyamigrants.

After endless descents and rises over steep stairs, it makes sense to get to the pier in the city center, rent a boat and go to the next Forest Peninsula Lushtitsa. It was considered the most lowest sewage of the coast until investors started the construction of the Lutica Bay resort with seven hotels and two Marins. Fortunately, all this happens with the opposite sides opposite to Herceg, so at the attendance of the beaches Zaneitsa, Dobrich and Porto-dew, the construction did not affect. You can swim, get in a cafe and just absorb the Balkan Breeze along with sunlight.

Montenegro Tourist

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