Montenegro: Ski Resorts

Popular sport in the winter season – Skiing. And Chernogorsk resorts like Kolasin and Zhablyak are leaders among Europe ski resorts. They are equipped with all European safety and quality standards.

Kolashin – Small city Near the Park Reserve &# 8220; Bogradsk mountain&# 8221;. He is famous for his ski Bases of rest &# 8220; Belasitsa&# 8221; and &# 8220; Treviavo&# 8221;. There are ski and Snow -ubodist schools, a medical center and a rescue service. Ski competitions are held in Kolashin &# 8220; Golden ermine&# 8221;, as well as various snowboarding competitions. The season here lasts at least 5 months – from February to April. The painting of the resort gives a variety of interesting and old buildings on the slopes of the mountains.

Kolasin is surrounded 3 large mountain ranges – Belasitsa, Sinyaevina and an array key. One of the famous rivers Montenegro proceeds near the city – Tara River. Next to Kolashin is located Forest Reserve &# 8220; Bogradsk mountain&# 8221;. It was founded in 1952. From the 19th century, people do not leave attempts to save this beautiful reserve.

Resort Zhablyak located at an altitude of 1450 meters On the mountain range Durmitor. The array is washed the river beds sisters. The array itself, with the canyon of the Tara River, is a national park and included in the list of UNESCO Reserves. On the Durmitor you can relax not only skiers, but also hunters. It is allowed to hunt local animals: wolves, bears, hares, boar and other smaller animals.

Montenegro Ski resorts

Zablyak – the most high-alley Balkan resort. The city is relatively small – only 4000 people. The main occupation of the locals – in the sphere of tourism and the production of environmentally friendly food products. Tourist season lasts year-round, And the winter season begins in December and ends in March. Tourists come here in the summer to swim in Black lake. It is called it because of the shadow of the mountains, which falls right on it. It will fit perfectly for treatment, prevention and just relaxation.

In the Black Lake, many healing substances that are perfect for treatment, prevention or simply relaxation of your body. At the same time, from year to year, it continues to maintain its purity and transparent water surface. It is worth looking into the glacier cave with reservoir in the center. It is surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites.

Relax at the gown In campsites – mini-villages built in the national style. Resort hotels with restaurants, sports halls, bars, spa and souvenir shops – are in great demand among tourists. From campgrounds with lifts to hotels with bus messages – everything is equipped with a modern ski way. Resort serve rescuers. In the resort areas you can find the first medical care points.

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