Montenegro: Second birth

This article is dedicated to those who love the sun, the warm sea, mountains and new impressions, those who are already thinking about where to spend summer vacation.

Starting a raskaz about Montenegro (Montenegro), it is necessary to dispel the myth that this Yugoslav Republic survived the war. In the Balkan crisis, Montenegro did not take any participation, and military actions bypassed her. Nevertheless, the political and economic blockade of Yugoslavia literally paralyzed Montenegro, deprived it almost the only source of income – tourism. Even knowledgeable tourists were not able to get into Montenegro due to transport blockade. The country was cut off from the rest of the world. Travelers from St. Petersburg and from all over the Northwest will be among the first, who will be able to relax at the best Adriatic coast. From June 7, Yugoslav airline "Jat" Opens regular direct flights Peterburg – Belgrade – Podgorica (Capital Montenegro).

At the end of March in Montenegro on the initiative of the Yugoslav company "R-Tours" and "WAO Intourist St. Petersburg" A large group of heads of tourist agencies of the North-West, Moscow and other regions of Russia visited. They were convinced of the fact that the entire tourist infrastructure on the coast was well preserved. Only a cosmetic repair is required, which, by the way, is already underway and by the beginning of the summer season will be completed. In excellent condition there are sea and beaches. Back in 1991, Montenegro was proclaimed a country of clean, untouched and protected nature. According to the evil irony of fate, during the economic and tourist insulation, this environmental program was performed by itself.

Chernogorsk Nature is a unique combination of a soft Mediterranean climate, a warm sea (water temperature from June to September – 22 – 25 degrees) and high mountains (up to 2500 meters) covered with pine forests. The charm of nature complement the medieval cities with the legends with their fortress walls and towers, narrow winding streets and small cozy areas. Here you can meet the heritage of various eras and cultures: Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic. Make several stops..

The path from Podgorica to the city of Baru runs through the mountains and a large olive grove, numbering about 600 thousand trees, the oldest of which is more than 2,000 years. Despite their age, the tree is still fruit. Fans of antiquities will find in the bar well preserved ruins of castles and fortresses (9th century). A new city is located on the shores of the most beautiful bay with good beaches and crystal clear water. Curious for us details: between the bar and the Italian city of Bari runs the ferry. In accordance with the agreement achieved in March, our tourists will be able to make day trips to Italy without a visa this year.

Budva – an ancient city and a resort with magnificent beaches, one of the most sunny places not only in Yugoslavia, but also throughout Europe. The old town, fenced with massive walls with two gates, is cut by narrow streets, on which there are many cozy cafes, restaurants, fish taverns and shops. In the summer, the whole Budva turns into an open-air theater. Free locomotive delivers tourists to Becici, a modern resort, back in 1936, a grand graduate in Paris for the best beaches in Europe.

Montenegro Second birth

Beaches and Park of Milocher spread near Budva. They were once part of the territory of the Palace of the Serbian Royal Family.

Awesome impression produces Sveti Stefan (see. Photo on the 1st page), a unique island hotel in the past on the island there was a fishing settlement, built in the 15th century. The settlement was simultaneously a fortress that defended the population from the attack of priats. Fishermen gradually left the island. Over time, the houses were redesigned to hotel rooms, while maintaining their appearance. It is not surprising that it was here that Sophie Lauren and Peter Ustinov, Indira Gandhi and Elizabeth Taylor.

Tourists who wish to combine holidays with treatment should pay attention to the Ground Health Institute "Game", located in the town of the same name on the very north of the Montenegrin coast. The Institute for several decades includes the number of the most famous institutions in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, balneology and wave heatherapy. V "Game" Traditional Chinese Medicine Center, Beauty Center and Contemporary Dental Polyclinic.

What awaits our compatriots this summer? Sunny edge with pebble and sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, medieval architecture and, most importantly, friendly and sociable people, who are looking forward to us.

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