Montenegro: reasons to tell her "Yes"

For ours do not need a visa (up to 30 days), at least so far not needed! Prices are all in euros, because they plan to enter Schengen, but until it happened, it means that we enjoy 🙂
Of course, this is an option for those who get by the aircraft, if you plan to go by car, you will need a visa, because Schengen countries are on the way.


Direct flight takes 3 hours, there are options with a change in Belgrade – the capital of Serbia. The closest to Budva is a small airport of Tivat (25 km), there is another airport in Podgorica (60-70 km).

Can be reached by taxi, as well as by public transport. In the summer of our races, we ordered a taxi through the owners of the AirbnB, in March, they used the services of this website, you can write off viberia and agree on the car in advance.

In Montenegro, lives and rests many ours, respectively, the local people speak English very well (and Chernogorsk in principle understandable to us). That is, if you do not speak English at all, there will be no difficulty, you will not even seem like that you did not leave from Russia at all 🙂


True, personally I do not really love group excursions. But the advantage is that you can safely drink a delicious local wine and do not drag on the mountain serpentine by the wheel! Extreme more! Yes, and the prices for European gasoline (1.19 euro). Routes of independent trips I advise you to make up in advance, you can get lost without a map.

Of the interesting excursions, first of all I advise Boko-Kotor Bay. Do not be lazy to a short time for an excursion for which the time for 3 euros climb on the mountain (you can safely go to the monastery to get clouded) and see a stunning top view on the bay! And if you look at the surroundings yourself, it is better to climb on the top! The excursion also includes a sea walk along the bay with a visit to the little Island of St. George and visiting the city of Herceg Novi.

I also advise you to see the canyons of the rivers and the Durmitor National Park, and if you like more active rest, then the alloy on the Tara River is exactly what you need 🙂


We took apartments three times through the AirbnB website, you can also watch housing on, I know that there are accommodation hotels in vouchers. Summerly more expensive, in March it is very even inexpensive 🙂 In March arrival, we had a cool two-level apartment in an old city with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a huge kitchen and a living room, but in the summer I do not advise anyone to take housing in the old town. Noise, music and fun, crowds of tourists from morning to night attached 🙂

Prices for food in stores

I can not say that this is the cheapest country in the world, but relative to Schuhengen countries definitely! Prices are quite Moscow. Something is slightly more expensive, something cheaper. They are mostly all Serbian.

Many interesting local food: Cheese Kaimak of different species, there is a similar to us cottage cheese, and there is a creamy butter, dried meat (from 15-17 euros per kg), Avar (caviar from Bulgarian pepper, fingers license!) Apples pleased – anyone for 50 cents per kg (30 rubles, for a minute!) And wine from 2 euros per liter bottle. In the summer of local seasonal fruits you can buy a very tasty green fig, kiwi, apricots, sweet watermelons and melons. You can buy a local cow or sheep cheese on the market with basil, nuts or blueberries, greasy cottage cheese, dried white mushrooms and honey with nuts and figs in jars.

If you decide to eat yourself, hungry will not be right! There is a fish store near the market, where you can buy fresh fish and seafood and arrange a delicious dinner in the apartment 🙂 Prices in supermarkets are about the same, you can safely go to the nearest.

Local cuisine and cafe

Immediately want to note huge portions! That is, one salad and one hot you can safely take for two, and even on three. Montenegrins know a sense in good meat, and they also have a lot of different seafood. And all well, very tasty! I have a lot where you visited and cook myself is not bad, I have something to compare with 🙂 if you are meat, you will be fed and satisfied. If you like fish and chicken, you will also be satisfied!) If you are a vegetarian, feel free to combine vegetable salad. And they also have soups! In some countries it is a luxury and nonsense. Prices: Vegetable Salad 2-3 Euro, Soup 2-2.5 euros, meat 7-12 euros, seafood 9-15 euros. And they also have comprehensive dinners throughout the day (soup, salad, hot and drink) for 5-8 euros. If you follow the figure, you will be very difficult not to gain extra, but believe me, it is worth it!
Separately, I want to note the street food, the local shawarma (gyros) for 3 euros (even the cake bake!) and huge sweet pancakes (palacints) with stuffing for 1.5-2 euros, summer ice cream literally at every step and fresh juices. Delicious everything 🙂

Usually we have breakfast at home, and have lunch comprehensively in the home cafe L&M, which is not far from the market (Jula 13 street). This is a family cafe with a very tasty meal and spiritual atmosphere and, of course, large portions. Complex lunch here costs 6-7 euros and includes soup, salad, hot and dessert (drink or fruit to choose from). Yes, and on the usual price menu is pleasant, only the size of the portions is 2 times more 🙂

Montenegro Reason to tell her yes

If you want to taste delicious mussels, boldly go to Jadran on the seashore, well, oracted delicious mussels with cheese! Prices here above, but more selection of seafood. and serving even more! 🙂

Clean Turquoise Sea! In March, also deserted, especially in rainy weather.

But! Cool even in the summer. Stony and pretty deep. If you swim badly, then, of course, there will be difficulties. With young children, many people, but I would look more quiet cities for Budva. (Becici and T.D.). From underwater inhabitants, except for algae, almost no one. Only gray fish 🙂 If you suddenly get sideways with aqualing, it’s not that place where you need to do. Maximum that you will see, allegedly sunken ship.

The beaches directly in Budva – a huge Slovenian beach, which stretches along the entire Budva, and the picturesque mogren -1i mogren-2 in the other side of the old city. They are sandy-shell, but less Slovenian in size. And after 5 pm, there is nothing to do on it (in terms of tanning), because the beach at the mountain, and the sun sits down the mountain as. There are still beaches, which can be saved on the ferry, on the island of St. Nicholas (you can float for 3 euros) and the beach is rightly Budva (5 euros).

You can try to sunbathe on the towel, but more convenient, of course, take chaise lounge for rent (after all, there are big stones on the shore). Price 10-15 euros per set (2 chaise lounge and umbrella).

Nightlife and Shopping

In the spring period, any nightlife speech is not going on, and in the summer there are several nightclubs at different points of the city. And on the shore along the Slovenian beach there are several colorful bars that work in the evening, but everything is up to one hour or two night! Bars with the Eiffel Tower or in the form of a ship 🙂 Girls visited actively invite to come, but honestly, the music in many is quite an amateur, especially in those where the local Balkan music 🙂 But there are many people in them, they will not have to miss them.

Most of the people just stroll along the entire Slovenian beach, accelerating the tight dinner 🙂 and buying souvenirs in numerous shops and tents. Especially remarkable souvenirs you will not find typical resort. The same applies to clothes. Beach Fashion in the summer, as in any our resort. There are several sports shops and shops with brand things in the city, Italy is not far. There is a big shopping center plaza, but also there is nothing remarkable. In the old town you can search for interesting things for good luck, for example, now in the spring I bought a cool italian light coat 🙂

Some practicing shopping tours to neighboring Italy, swimming on the ferry from the Montenegrin city Bar in Italian. But this is the time, and monetary costly. Want shopping? Come to Italy and do not invent a bike 🙂

Well, finally, I wanted to allocate a human relationship! I have visited a lot, but such open and friendly people in relation to our did not meet almost anywhere! And it is very bribeing to return more than once into this small, but amazing and hospitable country!

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