Montenegro. Prison

Reasoning is, of course, so-so, but it is better not to argue, but being in Montenegro, be sure to visit this place!

At an altitude of about a thousand meters in a huge rocky niche, a Serbian Orthodox monastery was built, founded here in the XVII century Holy Vasily Ostrog.

However, about everything in order. The morning of the third day of our stay in Montenegro turned out to be even more cloudy – the sky heavy low clouds, the rain will be labeled.

Nevertheless, the mood of our team is cheerful, after breakfast, you load into the car and go on the road. The path is not close! This time we almost reached the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, and turned to the north-west side of Danilovgrad. The road to the monastery itself is difficult and. I will not say that it is dangerous, but very winding and steep, like most mountain roads, however. On one of her numerous roundings, our crew made a small stop to admire the views and take a little thought about.

Yes, while there is something to do – very soon we will rise above the level of cloudiness and everyone will plunge into solid "milk".

Then we break through the narrow and heavy mountain serpentine, where a few times two cars with great difficulty can only be dispersed on turns, and finally get to the upper monastery.

Montenegro. Prison

Breathing intercepts from this mysterious, just a magical structure! It all built a person here once three more than a century ago on a bare rock? Truly, inexhaustible Power of Faith and Human Spirit!

The place is very iconic and very visited – a lot of pilgrims come here almost all year round and a lot of tourists in the midst of the summer season. In early April, we were lucky to see it almost deserted – early arrival and bad weather contributed to this a lot. By the way, the weather for shooting in such a place is not so bad! Full suitable!

First, fog adds the atmosphere of this place to the pride of ghostly mystery.

Secondly, no extraneous species distract from the main thing – that thousands and thousands of visitors are actually going here every day. And rare and fruitless attempts to snatch in the lumens of "milk" some beautiful view only annoy – do not get distracted, you are told!

Montenegro. Prison

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