Montenegro. Old bar

Well, remember, before going to the bar . It’s time to fulfill a promise.

Fifth day of our stay in Montenegro, the last before leaving. The sky crawled heavy clouds, raining pours from the morning.

Nevertheless, we go to the inspection of the old city, taking umbrellas and waterproof jackets with you.

Old hail bar. Vintage fortress. Very little accurate information about the time of its foundation, however, the fact that people still lived in the prehistoric, Illyrian, Greek and Roman times were confirmed by a significant number of archaeological finds of the respective periods.

In Greek times, the city was called Antibareos, during Rome – Antibarum. "Anti" means "opposite" – the city on the opposite bank of the Adriatic from the Italian city of Bari. Such is one of the versions of his name, later abbreviated to the present.

When examining the city, rainy weather has one important advantage – almost the complete absence of other tourists. I intentionally let go of his charming companion slightly forward to capture silent and absolutely desert streets once a lively and rich city. And at the same time, and reflect on the eternal – the situation has, you know.

Stormy, nice and often the tragic history of the city was constantly connected with the raids of invaders and frequent change of rulers.

In such a state, the city has been from 1878 – when his liberation from Turkish rule, the city was very destroyed.

Over time, most of the population moved closer to the sea, where a new city was founded.

From here, with heights you can see it perfectly. There, at the bottom, life boils, and here she froze forever.

Montenegro. Old bar

Dead raw walls of the city-Citadel, a real labyrinth of ruins and gray stones, watershed weather – all this brings sad thoughts.

So, hiding from rare tourists, I climbed almost the whole city, trying to look into every corner.

Finally it’s time to descend down. Back, in a rapid life. And only a modest poster at the exit gives a vague idea of ​​the former appearance and splendor of this glorious city.

So, this is my last note about our trip to Montenegro, the country is mysterious, hospitable, with a rich history. Where all the doors opened inside, and in the premises there are no spinages because the doors are locked from the inside to the key. Where beautiful people live who believe that they were born tired and their life is given to relax. Excellent philosophy, I must say!

I want to express great gratitude to Denis, our hospitable host, for travel, interesting stories, cheerful and sociable temper. Special thanks to Igor Petrovich for logistics and friendly glad. Low Pokhon seeing Peugeot 807 and its owner, courtesy to rent this wonderful seven limousine. Sorry for spilled beer and smell of "Lords" in the cabin. He will soon deteriorate. Before the next of our arrival.

Montenegro. Old bar

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