Montenegro – Magic Country

And finally, the long-awaited date of departure of the train to Moscow, from there we flew to the Tivat airline Montenegroairlines (11 thousand. USD There and back again). I will immediately say that the service of this airline is not very, but 4 hours you can suffer. In Tivat, we arrived in the evening, we were met by an agreement on a minibus and driven to the hotel (time on the road to the hotel approximately 40 minutes.)
In the apartments we met the housewife with homemade wine, which significantly improved our state after the long road. Our apartments were located on the 3rd floor overlooking the sea, three complises, two bathrooms and a shocked terrace.
The next day, in the morning, we moved to the beach (under the slide of 10-15 minutes. walking step). The beach was pure with small pebbles. Immediately run ahead, we traveled all the coast and our beach seemed to us the best, here it was possible to swim with a mask near the stones and look at the underwater world, as well as just enjoy the sun on the clean coast. People on the beach were a bit. After lunch we went to Budva by bus.
Budva is a stunning city, there is an old part of the city with tiled roofs and cobbled streets, as well as there is where to hang out, restaurants, discos, shops and t.D.
In the following days, the weather on the coast worsened, the sun was shining to lunch (this time we usually spent on the beach), in the second half clouded clouds and often it was raining, which favored for trips to cities and a hike to restaurants.
We visited the neighboring town of Petrovac. I want to say that I liked it more than. Stephen, because prices there below and there is no such steep slope to the beach. There is an old krugsty, which we have proved to have faltered.
Excursions We only took two: a maritime excursion to the Boko-Kotor Bay and Dubrovnik (Croatia). Everything else we traveled for a taxi, buses and minivans. You can agree with the hostess, she has acquaintances in the tourist bureau, there we hired just a car with a driver and he drove us where we wanted.
About the Boko-Kotor bay I will not talk a lot. I just say that we are not very lucky with the weather and we did not get much pleasure. Although vintage cities such as Herceg Novi or Kotor struck us with their calorite. There, as nowhere is the real everywhere Montenegro.
After we visited monasteries in the cities of Cetinic and Ostrog. I warn you right away, you need to be ready for these excursions. I drove on the Skadar Lake (the border with Albania), and could not drive by the corporate store of local wine.
Wine and food is a separate conversation. Restaurants with home cooking just awesome. There are very hospitably met, and deliciously fed, especially seafood and ache (tomleny in the furnace meat with vegetables). Prices in restaurants and products are the same as in Perm). Wine there is also very tasty. Semi-sweet you will not find there, only dry. And no matter how much it drank it, the next morning – like a cucumber, nor headache, nor no one. Price of a good bottle of wine with an excerpt of 3-4 euros.
Until the end of vacation, we once again visited Kotor and looked in Croatia. The latter was struck by high prices and a huge cluster of the people. Straight paradise for terrorists. But despite this, there is very beautiful and there is worth going.
Summing up the stay in Montenegro, I would like to note that despite the fact that the ours are enough there, the local population was very friendly to us. Montenegro people are very optimistic, sociable and simply inconsistent life without football. We liked absolutely everything. We traveled all the coast from Croatia to Albania and did not refuse themselves. Ride on catamarans, scooters, bought all sorts of garbage, fed in restaurants and just perfectly spent time. In general, the money was the same as rest in Crimea two years ago, and the impressions received twice as many!

Montenegro - Magic Country

After Montenegro, we stayed on a day in Moscow in the Rainbow Hostel. There we visited all the most important attractions and with clean destroy and smiles on the faces came home.
If someone interested my Delitantic story Write, I will be glad to answer all the interviewes.

Montenegro - Magic Country

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