Montenegro: Kotor Bay

Kotor Gulf (Boca-Kotor) – the largest and most beautiful fjord of the Mediterranean, which is crashed into a landing at 28 kilometers and forms several separate bays. This bay has always been a refuge of sailors in which they hid their ships from storms and storms of the open sea. Vintage cities and villages, located along the shores, girded with fortress walls, towers, churches and wonderful buildings, are alive testimonies of fairy tales and legends about the sea and brave navigators.

BOKA-KOTHERS HIS Beauty Many famous people of their time, such as Bernard Shaw, Byron, and others. Kotorsky Bay and today meets its guests with the beauty of his bays, the calmness of two islands and old towns on the shores.

Small, but very colorful cities, clamped between the coast of Kotor Bay and Mount Clay.

On the shores of the Boca-Kotors, there are picturesque small cities of Perast and Risan, Peninsula Lushtitsa, "Dead island" And the artificial island of Bogoroditsk-Shkpiela with a unique church – extremely popular tourist places.

Montenegro Kotor Bay
  • Entrance to the Boca-Kotor
  • Fort in the Gulf
  • Grotty

Not far from Tivat (Tivatskaya Bay) is very interesting is the island of Mamoula, where the old fortress is located, as well as the nearby Lushtitz peninsula, famous for its luxurious gardens, the sandy beach of Jeanias and the pirated grotto of the wravel Spilia ("Blue hole").

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