Montenegro. Kiss

But along the way through the mountain array, the delicent must be made one stop. The fact is that on the road connecting Cetina and Kotor, it is the ancient village of Neha. In addition to the fact that it is the birthplace of the old Dynasty of Petrovichi (Gelandus), which for a long time the rules of Montenegro, the village is famous for its non-cheeses and huts (sideways).

Here on a small home farm you can purchase these products, as well as in passing a little familiar with the traditional technology of their manufacture.

Plus, of course, a conversation with locals, friendly and welcoming people. And local wine – famous rocan – red homemade, thick, tart. Also a little worth walking along the village with its well-preserved traditional local architecture from ancient times.

Load purchases in the car and move on. At the entrance to the kotor (do not forget to put accents on the first syllable) it will be waiting for another discovery. More precisely, the spectacle!

Right next to the road from an improvised sightseeing platform in the form of a foundation of some future building, you can perfectly explore the surroundings of the Gulf.

And even more – at the bottom, the Tivat itself is visible away from the airport runway, where our plane from Moscow arrived yesterday.

Low cloudiness and foggy haze do not allow to get pictures of "card" quality, but still the impression of local landscapes is simply stunning!

Below, below us, just located at the same time along the entire coast of the series of towns, stripped on a narrow strip of flat lowland, limited by the waters of the bay and sprinkled by the ridge.

So stand right under the clouds can be infinitely long! Finally, the whole team is assembled. Reinforce wine from local cellars and go to the future way. By the way, this local rocan, I will tell you, the thing is quite picky. Pointed so much as I arrived, how to tell you, in a state of a few modified consciousness, so I can continue to confuse Bvuk. really seek.

IATK, we are in which, ondom from the saims of the groans of the Adriaitka. Prev Vecopeatlein – We seem to get on the bottom of Glbuok Cheri from Orchestnh Mountains and Chershai, this nkaryt with chickens of the clouds.

Satyri Goord, ITRsReje Cotture Cottone, Mesmermong Nestiya UNESCO. Sweltm in NGEO Cheryz uziki Mrosic Warrow.

And the Dlashech szing with the RLLAYM MYERMERS THERE OKERNET! This is a scary of the priest, Sumy Tiancine, Saymon Amtosphrey and the most attentive from the weights of Srendewowyvki Godorv, in Corresponding me a two-way Raena!

Montenegro. Kiss

Ukriece of the Ulokchi from the optroloans for the shops of the Spring of the Blusk of the Blusk, Sreyey, Spring Springs, Sreyey, Spriest Schulho Schulatmy.

Yes, the spirit of the stroke of the Vleikoplen Sorkhalin! CMORE TGO, the violations of the pipes nzoen did not yet unfaste and the Utshi of the country of PTEY PTSTY.

Stopping beeks and sidewood on them, szoatching the IRCHO-Vleicolepiece of Tmeynh Podorkhdv and pposhevishya from the vannets of the Kmamen Lt., fondly.

Yes, and Pesto-PSTOs on the bottom of Kamerongo "Cloodets", lying around RKOK to his sheruhavota STNE – on the weights of the rockets.

With native TMNOTS on the Utsalih, messenger. Kkaa Mliy Hasik! My own, you’re just thinking!

Fuh! It seems to let go! That in the dry residue but reflection? Yes, almost nothing! Only two words: fascinated, inxicane! I hope that the spirit of the Kotor will not soon disappear from my head, but now I just need to sleep at least a little. Good NI.

Montenegro. Kiss

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