Montenegro is unfamiliar, but close

A new name appeared on the political map of the world "Montenegro" — True, in the bundle. Serbia and Montenegro – Takovo the name of the state in which the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was transformed. But in fact, in the Little Montenegro, on the local TsRN Mountain, the long story. For centuries, she bravely fought with conquerors and did not succumb to anyone.

What entails in Montenegro? Perhaps, first of all, that in the republic, how, maybe nowhere in Europe, which has long been mastered, rejected and converted into the pack of modern civilization, managed to preserve the majestic and intact nature. Plus hospitable people.

Primorskaya strip, where much warmer than in Sochi, this is Montenegro, so to speak, bleached. In the former and more relaxed times here for the season with tourists collected hundreds of millions of dollars. Germans, Dutch and "Other Swedes" attracted the sand of local beaches, favorably distinguished from stony fools on the shores of Slovenia or Croatia. And, of course, low prices.

In the presentation of most ours, the birthplace of Montenegrin – the region is severe. Maybe this impression is born by title – Black Mountains. They, of course, the heart of the country. Arable land cat replaced – five percent, no more. However, the population is only 600 thousand people.

Slavic tribes settled the local land in the VII century. A few centuries of the Black Mountains who took Orthodoxy from Byzantium, operated a hand in hand with the Serbami units, being as part of the Serbian state of the Maudanich dynasty. Fought against Venice and against Turkey. However, the complete independence of the Montenegrin found only as a result of the our-Turkish war 1877–78.

. I look out of the window of the wagon. The train is slowly, overcoming the tunnel for the tonnel, moves along the river river crest. The whole region is protected by UNESCO. It is said that in the world more than this gorge only the Great Canyon of the Colorado River in the US. indescribable beauty. Spirit captures. And from beauty and height. Around the cloud. In the cloud, I see how directly under us at the airfield of the administrative center of Montenegro, the passenger liner decreases. He was akin to toy, small, with palm.

So my opening of Montenegro was held quarter of a century ago. Then the group of foreign journalists was invited to ride along the railway, which tied the Yugoslav capital Belgrade with a city-port bar that in Montenegro. The track was built for many, many years, although her length is not so great – 400 kilometers. But what! Tens of tunnels broke through the same bridges. Worked in cruel conditions. They said that the workers were tied on the ropes, and those jackhammers gnawed the mountainside to put the rails then. The main record on the track – the bridge with supports of 200 meters high. This, as they said, there was no.

Famous Boca Kotor. Perhaps the most beautiful bay of the Adriatic. A wide water language comes into mainland at least 40 kilometers. Us, our, this place is especially expensive. On a narrow strip between the sea and rocks, the town of Perast. There lived the famous navigator captain Marco Martinovich. Peter first sent to him into the science of our nobles. Children of Golitsyn and Repnounted. Later threw anchor and Admiral Seyhanin, when he led his squadron on vacation after battles with the Turkish fleet.

Montenegro is unfamiliar, but close

On the highway along the bay, one of the sections is posted as a letter "M". The guide clarified: "The road was paved by an Austrian engineer who was passionately fell in love with the Montenegrin Princess Margarita. So I decided to create a pussy track in our mountains in the form of a letter "M".

After which the road goes into the clouds. Rocks around such that, it seems, even the Montenegrins do not die on the circle.

We are going to Cetina, the ancient capital of Montenegro. Stopped near the house, folded from rudely dying blocks of different sizes. Peter Petrovich Peter, the priest, warrior, statesman, poet born in this house. In all Yugoslavia, especially honorable. And as for the Chernogort residents, then just adored. As the Head of Montenegro, he was present at the opening of the first monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg.

Lesh-poet glorified his homeland, the explosive and proud, poor and uncompressed, who showed an example of such persistence against violence, which is not so rich.

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