Montenegro: country information

our citizens to enter the territory of Montenegro for a period not exceeding 30 days, the visa is not required. For the summer period of 2017 (from April 13 to October 30), this period was increased to 90 days.

In the event that you plan to stay in the country more than it is necessary for the rules of a visa-free stay, you can place a visa at Montenegro Embassy in Moscow. Amount of visa collection for our citizens — €35 (at the rate of May 2017 this is 2250 rubles.).

How to get?

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Direct flight to the airports of the capital of Montenegro Podgorica and the resort town of Tivat, using the services of the airline Montenegro Airlines. From among domestic companies flights to Montenegro commit «Aeroflot» and S7 Airlines. The flight time is about three hours. Also with a transfer to Montenegro delivered passengers «Austrian Airlines», But prices of such flights are too high and can reach €1000. From most other cities of Russia you can fly with one or more transplants. The average price of the ticket back — from 10,000 to 20,000 rubles. By the way, it is useful to know about the services that you are laid upon flight. And also about how to order food in the plane.

In addition, there is another option: Belight to the capital of Serbia Belgrade, to continue the way to Montenegro by terrestrial routes: by train or bus. A train ticket to Podgorica can be bought on the website of Serbian railways, but it should take into account that in the summer there is great demand for them, so they must be taken in advance. Ticket prices low — €19 for the second class. In addition, buses walk from Belgrade to Podgorica and Bar, including bedroom seats.

If you decide to go to Montenegro by car, check out the list of necessary documents. In addition, you will have to receive a transit Schengen visa and pay for a vignette, which is needed for travel by paid roads of countries that you will cross the transit (among them, depending on the route, will be Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia).


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In Montenegro, you can import and export an unlimited number of foreign currency from it, but large sums at the entrance to declare. Duty free to ride into the country and take out 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 1 l of strong alcoholic beverages and 2 liters of wine. No special permission forbidden the export of objects and things representing historical and artistic value. It should be noted that the border and customs procedures for citizens of the our Federation are simplified as much as possible.

Weather and climate

The climate in Montenegro is moderately continental, while the Mediterranean climate is dominated on the coast, why the summer on the coast of Montenegro roast and dry, and the winter is warm and wet. However, the further you will be removed from the coast towards the mainland, the more noticeably the influence of the Alpine and subalpine climate, characteristic of the mountain part of the Balkan. Bathing season in Montenegro begins from late April and continues almost until the end of October. Best time to visit the country — from May to October.


Despite the fact that Montenegro is not included in the eurozone, euro is used as a monetary unit. The National Bank works from Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 14:00, commercial banks — From Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 15:00, on Fridays — from 8:00 to 13:00. On Saturdays and Sundays all banks are closed. In the center of Podgorica, as well as in the resort areas, many currency exchange items are open and on weekends. Currency can be exchanged in representative offices of banks, in exchanges in hotels (only official, licensed) and by mail. The course, of course, everywhere different. It is more profitable and more reliable to change money in the People’s Bank of Montenegro.

In Podgorica, in big cities and all Montenegrin resorts in the go Plastic cards. Most Popular — Visa and Mastercard. ATMs work around the clock, but there are not so many resorts. Going to rest, try to find out at what distance from your hotel is the nearest ATM.

Hotels and restaurants include an account charge markup. But still it is customary to be given in the region of 10% of tips or just rounding the bill. Tips, already included in the account, are also not uncommon for Montenegro, but it is necessarily written on the first page of the menu of the institution, and in most cafes you will be served with a soul and pleasure, and even a hint. You can leave the tips on the table when paying the card or to give.

Montenegro Information about the country


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Best of all the bus or car is suitable for movements in Montenegro. It should be borne in mind that there is often transportation can be late or break (the bus fleet has not been updated for a long time). In mountainous areas, be prepared for the fact that due to the landscape, the trip can take more time than expected. With the exception of the capital, the buses in the cities are rare, and the habitual stop here also in short supply. Usually people are waiting for transport on the side of the road and stop the hand. Along the coast buses go from 6:00 to midnight. Salons are equipped with composters, «punch» Tickets purchased in kiosks at stops, you also need yourself. The cost of one trip — €1–1.5 (64–96 rubles. at the rate of May 2017), but the price of travel depends on the distance.

In Montenegro, there are two types of taxi: licensed (with counters) and private (without counters). With private owners negotiate the amount of payment before landing, it is recommended to bargain.

In addition, so-called water taxis is distributed in Montenegro. Between cities and villages located on the coast, boats and boats. Walking on the engine boat is on average €ten–15 (640–960 rubles.).

Rent a Car

To rent a car in Montenegro, the driver’s age should be no less than 21 years, and driving experience in accordance with the driver’s license — at least two years. Payment is possible both in cash and by bank card. Optimal car rental cost in Montenegro — €thirty–40 a day (1920–2560 USD).

Permitted speed within the city — up to 50 km / h, beyond — up to 80 km / h, not counting plots where special signs are. Since most of the roads in the country are laid in the areas of steep climbing mountains, you will have to be particularly attentive. Other cars for renting a car abroad Read in our material.

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