Montenegro in September 2014: Leisure, budget, weather

In general, only charters fly to Montenegro from Perm (this year flew "Yamal" 2 times per week). We want more freedom in the choice of dates and housing, on our own, tickets on regular flights S7 Perm – Moscow – Tivat (used for selection site Momondo.RU). The waiting time between the flights was only 2 hours, just time for registration and a small walk by Duty Free.

The accommodation was chosen here – www.Chernogoriya-Club.RU / Chastniy-Sector / Type-Apartment. It was decided to stay in G.Kotor, more precisely – in his neighboring village of kindness, on the coast of Boko-Kotor Bay. Have been written off with the hostess, although I am still not sure that this is not an intermediary, made a prepayment of 40%. We were met at the airport and brought to the place (transfer there – back 40 euros, time on the way is 10-15 minutes). We are located in the old stone house of the 18th century next to the church of St.Matthew. A little later, we regretted this neighborhood: it turns out that it is customary to call each hour to the bell and day, and at night, especially the extensive program, as a rule, was performed at 6 am.

The first impression of the Montenegro begins to take shape of the aircraft window: high mountains with clouds lying on them and beautiful bays with the coastal villages and towns.

I will say right away that with the weather we were not very lucky: it was raining almost every day, and a couple of days was the utterness. Due to flowing mountain rivers, the water in the Boko-Kotan bay quickly cooled, and only the most brave bathed. But Montenegro is good primarily not only by beach holiday. This is a country with a rich history, there are a lot of things to see and a lot of things try, what we actually take.

The first thing we went to explore – the old town of Kotor, who is protected by UNESCO. City history of more than 2000 years. Old town is very small: many vintage streets, stone buildings, churches, temples, small areas, cafes, shops, shops. For 3 euros, you can climb the fortress walls, the stone staircase will lead straight to the top of the mountain. And although this lifting may be challenged by your physical form, it is worth it. The view from there is simply amazing, and the photos taken will easily come for a postcard!

At the pier are moored both small boats and gorgeous yachts, more similar to rockets or space ships. Some miracle to the narrow bay managed to swim even huge Mediterranean liners, planting styts of tourists, as a rule of retirement age.

And who is the city of cats, they are here everywhere, skinny and forever hungry, lying on the sun and raise a piece of delicacy in a restaurant.

In general, it seemed to us the most beautiful and cozy town of Montenegro.

Fighting and enjoying the types of kits and nearby surroundings, in a couple of days we decided to take the car to hire. Walking on several local offices, we stopped at one of them called Oasis, where they chose MS Smart baby – not so much of the considerations of practicality, how much of curiosity. On it, we traveled all the coast of the Boko-Kotor Bay, drove in Risan, Perast, Herceg Novi.

All towns are similar to each other, and each at the same time is interesting in its own way: in the rizan, samples of Roman mosaic 3 centuries are preserved.E, Perast – a former pirate city, where sea robbers were hidden after the robbery of Roman cities, and where, according to the legend, the treasures in the mountain caves still stored. Herceg Novi – the city of steps and rich vegetation. They say, earlier, all sailors returned home after long wanderings should have been brought with an overseas plant. Therefore, magnolias are growing in the city, banana palm trees, grapes, kiwi (by the way, did not know that Kiwi is growing like grapes), cypress trees, olive trees and much more.

Also in one day we went to Budva – the city on the Adriatic Sea coast. Of course, this place is much more noisy and leaving than. It is unlikely to love those who are not looking for night entertainment and does not like a large cluster of the people. Budva seemed to us devoid of charm or Perasta, chaotic building and the absence of any common style in new buildings does not create a one-piece impression. But Budva pleased us with good weather and warm sea – yes, in surprise water in the sea turned out to be much warmer water in the bay, apparently still because of small mountain rivers flowing into the bay. Also in Budva, we bought an excursion on the ship on the side of the Bay of the next day.

Montenegro in September 2014 Leisure, budget, weather

As for the language, there were never any problems: our is understood everywhere much better than English, many words in our languages ​​are similar, something is easily complemented by gestures.

It is a pity that they did not have time to visit in any National National Reserve of Montenegro (and there are only 4 of them), but it only means that we should come back here ..

A few more facts about Montenegro:

• In Chernogorsk, many words have emphasis on the first syllable. In the same way, the names of the cities are pronounced: Podgorica, Tivat, Kotan.
• Montenegro on the European continent is more known under the Italian name of Montenegro. Actually, in Latin, this word means all the same: "Black Mountains" or "Country of Black Mountains".
The name of the country adopted on the Balkan Peninsula – Tszn Mountain. Fully name country sounds like a Republic of Montenegro.
• Montenegro – Environmentally friendly Country. Almost 10% of the territory of the country occupy nat.Parks and Reserve Zones. National Parks Four: Skadar Lake, Lovechen, Biogradskaya Mountain and Durmitor.
• There are practically no industrial production in the country, may well find work quite difficult, and 99% of waiters are men.
• The narrowest street in the world is in which it is called "let me go," two people can hardly be broken on it.
• Chernogorsk people are considered the highest nation in Europe.

The total budget of the trip on 2 adults has amounted to (10 days):

Airline ticket tickets S7 with transfer to Moscow: 53 thousand rubles.
Insurance: 920 rubles.
Accommodation: 45 euro / day = 19500 rubles.
Transfer: 40 euros there and back = ok. 2000 rubles.
Car rental: 35 euro * 2 days = 70 euros = 3500 rubles + gasoline 800 rubles
Day excursion on the ship: 25 Euro * 2 = 50 euros = 2400 rubles
Costs for food, souvenirs and minor purchases: approx. 800 Euro

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