Montenegro coast

In this part I will show the most picturesque corners of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro.

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Having during Montenegrin leave the car near by, you can relax every day on different beaches. I gathered the crumbs on the Internet information about them and visited the most beautiful. Some of the photos and I’ll show you.

I hope on the eve of the summer vacation period, this information will be useful to someone, especially it concerns lovers to soak on sand or pebbles.

I’ll start from the north in order. Not far from Boko-Kotorsky Bay Being a beautiful town Budva.

Budva Riviera – the largest tourist center of Montenegro, famous for its sandy beaches and nightlife. In my opinion, there are quite a lot of people and not a lot of beaches.

But the old city is great.

In the evening, you can make a wonderful walk: walk along the embankment, climb on the fortress walls, admire the turquoise waters of the Adriatic and deliciously dinner in some cozy restaurant.

In my photo archive, there are many frames of stone streets of the old city, but I will show only a few, t.To. This report is reviewed, and Budva, definitely, deserves a separate photoranscase.

Going on.
A small quiet village prieged to us a beautiful and small beach. We were here several times.

He is decorated with a tiny island on which the chicken coast is 🙂 From his sheer rocky shores, you can sneak into the water or explore the surrounding reefs, swimming with the mask.

Next place – Montutengro Business Card. He knows and saw many. Sveti Stefan Island.

In the 1950s, 20 locals were resettled from the island on the mainland and Sveti Stefan turned into a luxurious and expensive city-hotel.

The beach with pink pebbles in the south side of the cage is available to rest to everyone.

From the north side of the VIP beach for hotel guests.

From Sveti Stefan first along the olive grove,

And then on a picturesque coastal path, you can walk to the beach of Queen.

The beach is chic, but in view of its closedness here it will not be possible to rush even fingers on the legs.

Therefore, it goes from here.

In one of the evenings, we visited the beautiful Cross-Peschable Bay, located next to the village of Trobnichi. There are no large settlements near, and to the beach from the road of 700 meters, therefore, there are not a lot of tourists here.

Since we rested in the city of Petrovac,

its surrounding beaches were studied first.

To the very northern of them, the Beach of Perazhechi-Bd You can take a walk on a specially laid through the tunnels and around the edge of the wheel slopes of the track – an excellent place for morning jogging.

You will have plenty of colleagues – I checked repeatedly. Magnificent views opens from tracks.

Montenegro coast

The beach itself is not very equipped, but here it is quiet and calm.

The main beach of Petrovac, is almost always filled.

In its southern part on the stone cafe is an interesting cafe "Ponta". In windy weather, you can eat and at the same time to admire the huge waves, breaking about the stone walls.
At the same time, your dishes risk being filled with sea water, in such a meal there is something unusual and extreme.

In order not to mix with the beach crowd, we periodically took the catamaran for rent and walked to the study of the shores and islands.

The memorable are the islands of Katich

and holy week.

On the top of the second it is the chapel of the same name.

From Petrovac on flooded or and on foot can be reached to the beach of Luchitsa.

It has both the embankment and cafes – a lively place.

I liked it to get it more. Ohibiy Cape we came across a few grottoes

And on small beach coves.

1.5 km south of Petrovac is a very big beautiful bay.

In it is the beach of Buralitsa, in the northern part of his cliffs we "mercilessly caught crabs"

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