Montenegro. Cetina

The next morning of our stay in Montenegro, the weather has changed: low cloudy came from the sea and it seems to be raining. Looks like bright photographs I do not see today.

After breakfast, our team is loaded into the car and we go on the road. Several small stops on the road so that from the height of the neighboring mountains to admire the beautiful views of the coast – by some simply you can not drive past!

Here it is Montenegro from a bird’s eye view!

So with several stops we got to Cetina. As I already wrote, Cetina is the historical capital of Montenegro – according to the country’s constitution, the city is one of two capitals on a par with Podgorica. Here is the official residence of the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Culture.

The city is located at the foot of the mountain range is delicious in a large basin surrounding him in impregnable walls. Rain often go here.

The main thing is that we were lucky enough to visit – this is the soul of Cetina – Cetinsky Orthodox Monastery of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary buildings of the late XV century.

There is a sacred relic of all Orthodox Christians – Dress John the Baptist. According to the Bible, John the Baptist laid his right hand on the head of Jesus Christ during baptism. Now his unwanted right hand is stored here and pilgrims, as well as simple visitors to the monastery, as we can see her. Naturally, photographing indoors of the stroke of the monastery is prohibited.

The place here is simply permeated with holiness and history. Twice the monastery was completely destroyed by the Turks – in the XVII and XVIII centuries, but every time he was rebuilt as a symbol of the incident of the Christian faith. Not far from the monastery is the church of the Nativity of the Virgin on Dzhipur.

Montenegro. Cetina

The name of the church does not accidentally coincide with the name of the monastery – it was on the foundation of the monastery destroyed in 1692 in 1704 and this church was built. The monastery itself was built already in a new place. This was actively engaged in Vladyko Danilo Petrovich-Mesh, whose mausoleum is here, on the mountain, towering over the monastery.

This is another remarkable place with a small sightseeing area at the top where a rather winding pedestrian walkways.

From here it is clearer, you can imagine the geography of this amazing edge, surrounded by the mountains and where it rains, to love him, penetrate his spirit, want to study his story and, maybe someday again come back here to tell her Children and grandchildren.

This is our stay in Cetina ends. Going on. Ahead of us is waiting for!

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