Montenegro. Bay-Kotor Bay

Finally, I disassembled my "Montenegra" photo archive. On the basis of it, I will write a few photo reports about this small, but fantastic in the beauty of the country. I managed to visit many corners of Montenegro, the most interesting frames from there I will show you. Perhaps the beginning of the tourist season this information will have to someone by the way.

Montenegro is a country in which beach holidays with short-term walks on tourist and natural attractions are well combined, and such, believe me, there is not enough.

I will start a series of my reports from the Bolko Bay (in some sources it is called the bay), which is one of the most vivid and memorable natural beauties not only Montenegro, but also the entire Adriatic coast.

Bolko-Kotorsky Bay is the most southern fjord in Europe, surrounded by majestic mountains from all sides. It crashes into land at 28 kilometers and forms several separate bays.

On the shores of its turquoise waters are numerous fishing villages and vintage fortress cities with a rich and bright history. In the southeastern bay at the foot of the Mountain Ridge Lovechen is the old city.

The old city of which is considered to be one of the most well-preserved medieval urban centers on the Adriatic, introduced by UNESCO to the World Cultural Heritage List.

For a long time, he was under the control of the Venice Republic, so the Venital architecture is dominant in the city.

I gladly walked on his stone streets and narrow ladders.

There were almost no tourists on the street, only occasionally I came across excursion groups.

With a sense of humor, people here are all right: they are suspended over broom streets,

It hangs specifically made large linen.

One of the main attractions of the Old Town is the Cathedral of St. Tripuun. Now in this building there is a museum.

And the Church of St. Nichola and Luke (in the photo below)

The size of the old city is very small, no more than 250 meters and in length and width.
Therefore, walking on Him half an hour, I headed for fortress walls of 4.5 kilometers long, which surround the command, rising high above the city.

Walk ended – Training began on steep serpentine tracks and steps.

Halfway is the Church of Our Lady of Health. Health to climb the mountain at least to this church you really need, especially when on the street heat +35.

But this is not a finale, so the height set continues.

Slightly above is the Tower of Contarini and a Small Fortress.

Somewhere 1.5 kilometers my lifting, finally, crowns of the dilapidated bastion Rainier and the fortress of St. John – I raise the flag of the kotor over the city 🙂 and admire the beautiful view of the Bolko-Kotor bay and the red tiled roofs of the houses.

Going down, I could only walk along the embankment,

admire parked boats and yachts,

plunge into the warm water of the bay on the local beach

Montenegro. Bay-Kotor Bay

And inspect the fortress walls of the city from the side of Karampan bastion ..

Going further along the bay.
I do the next stop in the pirate city of Perast, one of the most exquisite and beautiful places on the Boca Bay coast.

It is located on a narrow coastline with a length of one kilometer directly opposite the Verig Strait.

It is now difficult to imagine, but because once Perast was a thriving port and a reliable stronghold of marine pirates, and at the same time it was up to 1000 ships and 4 shipyards worked. Now the sea pirates dissect on such boats 🙂

This tiny town has 16 churches and 17 palaces built in Venetian style. In one of them now is the Museum of Perasta.

All these monuments of architecture constantly admire only a couple of hundreds of local residents.

On the car in the city only them. Tourists can enjoy hiking or driving on a flight electric car.

Distances are not big, so I walked along the embankment with great pleasure. Fabulous beautiful!

Directly opposite the city there are two islands – St. George and Gosp SO Skrpel.
Island of St. George – Natural Reef, on which the Benedictine Monastery is located, surrounded by a ring of cypresses.

Island is private property and not often open to tourists.

The island of the state of the state of SN Shkrapel is a fabulous tiny island with a blue dome in the midst of marine glaolds – the symbol of the Boca-Ki and the whole Montenegro. The island has an artificial origin, and its foundation dates back to the XV century.

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