Montenegro. Bar

Somehow, so accidentally coincided with all plans, and maybe it’s not by chance, but it’s still so great when the plans coincide with close and expensive people! And here, we are in Montenegro, we arrive at the airport Tivat (almost everywhere in the names of cities emphasis on the first syllable).

I did not have a special plan for this time, it means that there are ahead of solid sobra and improvisation. But with us there will be one wonderful, one can say, local friend on the car, and this, I tell you, gives extensive opportunities for improvisation. Before us all the roads are open!

Despite the fact that Montenegro is the smallest area from all former republics of the former Yugoslavia and the number of its population is comparable to such our cities, such as Irkutsk, Khabarovsk or Yaroslavl, here have something to see. Genuine pearl Adriatic!

For example, these and many other beauties I managed to shoot on the way from the airport.

In the meantime, it is convenient how it is easy. Our residence is on some elevation and from the balcony can be observed by the town of Sutomore on the background of the Major Mountain and a pretty decent piece of the Adriatic Sea, limited to neighboring houses and the slopes of the mountains. Awesome!

Nothing more and no need – we are not going to admire the views from the window for a long time! First of all we go to the bar. Here I should explain just in case that we are not talking about a pitery institution, but about the city with the appropriate name. Generally speaking, the bar is a rather extensive community in the south of Montenegro and one of the most sunny places in all southern Europe, and the city with the same name and population in some 14 thousand people is the administrative center of this community.

Montenegro. Bar

Justice It is worth noting that in the city the bar is full of bars, but about it later. At the beginning of a small digression. For citizens of the our Federation entering Montenegro with a tourist purpose for a period of no more than 30 days, a visa design is not required. However, upon arrival at the place, each tourist is obliged to register in the local municipality during the day and pay tourist tax in the amount of 1 euro per day. If this is not done, you can run into unpleasant explanations and penalty (sometimes when you existed registration can check). For the purpose of registration, we first and went to the bar. And after the settlement of all formalities, you can stroll through the seachers and pirs – Bar, this is also a port city!

Moreover, an old port city!

Moreover, a very old port city, known since the X century! City Bar has retained a lot of evidence of its history. About one of them – the old city – I will definitely tell later! But still do not lose me – I’m in the bar!

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