Montenegro – Albania. Two cities.

Shkoder and Ultsin. I intentionally united my story about two cities in two neighboring countries in one. First, because our trips were rather short and on two full-fledged reports I impressions, perhaps, do not scraper. And secondly, these two cities combine also what both they are. Albanian! In the sense that Ultsin, despite the fact that he is in Montenegro, it is predominantly by Albanians.

The fourth day of our stay in Montenegro. Despite the night starry with clarifications of the sky, it became clear in the morning, what to be rain today. Well, we are ready for such developments, put forward in accordance with the schedule and our path lies today to the East.

The most important thing is to not forget: visa to Albania for citizens of Russia visiting this country with a tourist purpose from April 1 to October 31, not required! You just need to present your passport on the border and get a coveted stamp. And so, a couple of hours after our departure from the bar, we are circling around the shoghes of Shkoder’s streets in search of parking! Long circle, I must say!

On the way we manage to look somewhat. Who was in Turkey year so in 2004, he will understand me – some analogy (personally I personally) suggests itself.

Moreover, I would never have said that the city, they say, stuck in two thousand. Yes, and he would give a damn on such an opinion! He just all and has long proved and now only lives his power and measured life, as long as you have gotten.

This is a shopping city. Moreover, a very ancient shopping city, founded in the IV century BC and today, who retained the status of the largest economic and cultural center. Perhaps the oldest of Albania cities, subject to somewhere between the mountains in the northern part of the country on the shores of Skadar Lake, just 13 kilometers from the border with Montenegro.

Sometimes it seems that the city is trying to seem modern, to sneak up with fresh trends, but it turns out he is somewhat naive and at the same time in Eastern Coloring, but what he does not take away – and it’s striking – in the city full of youth, and So the city has a future!

Next, the rain interrupts my reasoning. Lind it in a street cafe for tasting of the local beer, and then it is time to nominate in the opposite way. Well, well, the city after the rain, smiling and fresh, to new meetings!

And closer in the late afternoon was Ultsin. The only city (and the same municipality) in Montenegro, where the Albanians constitute the absolute majority. Well, the appearance of the city corresponding – East.

The city shrouded in legends, even more ancient than Shkoder – the first mention dates back to the V century BC. And now it is a popular tourist and resort center with the most extended beach with "Black Sand" – 13 kilometers.

From the historical objects, the Old Town of Ultsin is perfectly preserved – a medieval fortress, towering on a rocky cape and surrounded by powerful walls.

Walk through it took most of the time of our stay in Ultsin.

Montenegro - Albania. Two cities.

From the height of his walls, the view of the Adriatic is broken down, and the waves be fighting at his foot in the same way as thousands of years ago.

In my opinion, the wonderful preservation of the old city is due to its successful commercialization: everywhere hotels, apartments, restaurants. Yes, it is for the better – without this, in a popular tourist destination, and the owners of the business also look after the city.

However, and priest, authentic corners can be found in excess.

Never noticed the onset of darkness. The city instantly sinks in the darkness, plunging into a nap. He is charming!

We still have time to climb the highest point and look around, at the same time running out the way out.

Last look at the bay under us and it’s time to down. As it turned out, it’s not so easy to get out of this labyrinth.

This is how the fourth day of our stay in Montenegro. We opened another country for ourselves and hope that its present discovery is still ahead. And now it’s time to return to the base – soon I will.

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