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Montenegro – a small state that has accommodated many natural wealth. Majestic mountains, warm beaches, unique nature reserves and vintage cities are located in small areas. In order not to get confused in all this manifold, Arrow Hotels and Resorts amounted to the ranking of the best places obligatory for visiting in this country.

Boko – Kotor Bay

Beautiful Adriatic Sea Bay, real pride of Montenegro. Here you can visit the ancient city of Kotor and climb on a unique, ancient way to Mount Lock. You can consider chic villas and unique churches in Perast. You can admire the cozy leptan, or take a walk in the Botanical Garden of Tivat. And in Herceg Novi to lay on the sea fortress Fort Mare. According to tourists reviews Arrow Hotels and Resort, Boko – Kotor Bay is the most beautiful place in all of Europe.

15 kilometers from the small town of Danilovgrad, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, one of the most unusual Orthodox monasteries – Ostrog. Visiting this location is the most popular tourist excursion tourists Arrow Hotels and Resort. The monastery is very ancient, and is the place of attraction for a large number of pilgrims. The shrine is divided into two parts. In the lower part there are Celi Monks and the Church of the Holy Trinity. The upper part is especially interesting and unique, it is carved right in the rock. There are stored with the relics of St. Vasily Ostrog, who spent 15 years in prayers, as well as other holy relics.

Canyon River Tara

All the greatness of nature is revealed in the Tara River Canyon. The deepest Canyon of Europe is impressive with its beauty and scope. Here you can actively spend time, such as rafting, Scandinavian walking or mountaineering. Or, on the contrary, relax to relax in numerous campsites, admire the mountains, listen to the noise of waterfalls. The oldest bridge of Montenegro – Giurgevich Bridge, you can see here. He collects a lot of delighted comments in Arrow Hotels and Resort. And indeed, the bridge is striking with its height and unusual arched architecture. And for amateurs of acute sensations here there is an opportunity to ride on zip-linous.

Montenegro 5 most beautiful places from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - Budva, Montenegro Blogs and travel

As part of excursions to the city of Herceg Novi, Arrow Hotels and Resort offers a visit to the amazing "Blue Cave". This bright natural attraction of the Adriatic Sea leaves no one indifferent. Cave is located on the peninsula of Lushtitsa. The height of the grotto is 9 meters, and the depth of water is 5 meters. Such parameters allow a small boat to swim inside the grotto. The main feature of this place is the purest water of heavenly blue. The sun rays are specially refracted by creating a feeling of the inner illumination of water. In good weather here you can even swim.

Durmitor National Park

Mountain Array Durmitor, Canyon River Tara, Draga Canyon, Valley Komarnica, Numerous Ice Lakes – All this is part of the Durmitor National Park. Scale is striking – area is 390 kilometers. The park was founded in 1952, and from the beginning of the 1980s, the pearl of UNESCO is considered. Here are a large number of hiking trail, so Arrow Hotels and Resort recommends this place to lovers of outdoor activities. Clean air, fir and fir forests, rivers, ridge chains – real natural cradle.

Montenegro – an incredible country in which it is impossible not to fall in love. It combines greatly combines the wealth of nature, and the uniqueness of their cities. Here, anyone can find rest in the soul, be it extreme, or meditative, contemplative pastime.

Montenegro 5 most beautiful places from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - Budva, Montenegro Blogs and travel

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