Monte Cali – a huge mountain salt in Germany

Monta Cali is a very unusual landmark in the small town of Heringer in the eastern part of Hesse lands, in Germany. It’s hard to believe, but this huge white mountain is created not by nature, but by man.

White Monta Cali Hills – These are dumps consisting of sodium chloride (sabol). This mineral is a by-product when mining potash ore.

For more than a hundred years, potash ore is underway in this region. It began with the opening of potash deposits called Wintershall, which began to be actively developed in 1903.

Today, the production area in the town of Geringer is considered one of the world’s largest. Its dimensions are significantly superior to Munich.

Multiple tons of sodium chloride extract from each tonne chloride of potassium.

White Mountain Monte Cali began to grow in 1973 on the spot where unclaimed dumps of sodium chloride were overlooked. Snow-white mountain rises 200 meters above ground and occupies an area of ​​93 hectares.

Monte Cali - a huge mountain salt in Germany

The estimated weight of the mountain is about 188 million tons. Every hour the weight of the mountain increases by 900 tons. On average, the mountain is harder to 6.4 million tons.

Monta Cali is a pretty popular landmark. Locals, jokingly, call this mountain Kalimanjaro.

Every year more than 10,000 visitors from various parts of the world rises to the top of the Monta Mal.

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