Mont Saint Michel (Mont Saint Michel)

Mont Saint Michel (Mont Saint Michel) — One of the most visited places in France takes about 2.5 million guests per year. This is a tiny island commune, which occupies one square kilometer. Nevertheless, this place is immersed in history and is one of the most beautiful places in all France.

During the tides, with the schedule of which you can find on the official websites of the region, Mont-Saint-Michel turns into an island. Entrance to the island is free.

Schedule of tides and sings Mont-Saint-Michel can be found here:

On the territory of the island there is abbey, hotels, many shops and restaurants, post office, as well as a tiny church and cemetery.

Prices in local restaurants high, medium check for lunch for two without alcohol – from 80 to 100 euros. The service leaves much to be desired, still affects a huge flow of tourists. It is worth trying a local culinary landmark – The famous omelet, which seems to be gigantic, but it turns out to be aircraft and foaming.

You can stop both at the hotel on the territory of the island and beyond where cheaper. During the day there are many tourists, and with the onset of darkness – almost silence, but there is little on its territory, it is highlighted, so it is not particularly raised.

There is no service in hotels as such, they are mainly used for overnight. Rooms are small, no hearing, and the price is high. Usually come here for 1-2 days a maximum, more there is nothing more. It is better to choose the time to see and tide, and the sampling, the spectacle is unforgettable.

Mont Saint Michel Abbey Abbey — a place for which many come to the city. Abbey, called «Miracle of Western World», is a magnificent model of the gothic architecture of the early 13th century. Perhaps you will even be lucky to hear the amazingly beautiful sound of their choir when entering the building. For the entrance to the abbey charges a small size of the size of 10 euros.

Mont Saint Michel (Mont Saint Michel)

We advise you to read fast "Trip to Mont-Saint-Michel Castle in France" from tourist visiting the island.

How to get to Mon-Saint-Michel

Between the island and the nearby town of La Caserne, which contains hotels, information center and parking, electric business runs. If you are going here by car, then it will need to leave here on one of the paid parking, it will not be possible to drive. Parking paid, including hotel guests. Parking costs can be found here . When booking the hotel on the island itself, you will give code for which you get a parking discount.

Nearest railway station for visiting Mont-Saint-Michel — Pontorson. The direct bus will take you from there to the island. Ride takes about 20 minutes. If you arrive from Normandy, you can also easily reach it from the city of Baye or Cana.

The easiest way to get to Mont-Saint-Michel from Paris — take a direct train to Renna, which is worth a visit by itself. From there you can take a direct bus to Mont-Saint-Michel.

Mont Saint Michel (Mont Saint Michel)

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