Monshau – Fabulous German Town in the Belgian border

However, this city is part of the North Rhine-Westphalia region, so we will include a story about it in the Rhine Land Cycle.

What is interesting to Monshau? The city managed to keep himself in the form in which he lived and flourished in the 17th century. He did not touch him even the Second World War. Apparently, this city did not really interest anyone, he did not have any strategic value. Random, apparently, the American tanks came here, but they realized that they did not turn around on narrow and steep streets.

Monshua lies in the gorge of low wooded mountains. Belgians call them Ardennes, and the Germans – Eiffel. In the city it is easy to breathe – the air is clean and fresh. Tourists come here for short daytime excursions, in the evening the town is immersed in silence and peace. It makes sense to come here for a day or two to meet Morning and Evening Monasses, when the streets are deserted and quiet.

The city is similar to the scenery of the fairy tale. Facrifical houses (right as in Switzerland) grow right above the river, through which beautiful bridges are deployed. In the summer on the windows and the doors there are vases with flowers. The ancient blocks of streets suggests that there is nothing to do on heels. Monshua loves those travelers who are not afraid long walks along the steep streets.

Special beauty can be felt on the sightseeing site, from where the entire town and the main landmark – built in the 12th century Castle Monshau. In the summer inside the castle, the Festival of Classical Music. Surely a striking spectacle.
In addition to the castle, there is a brewing museum. Local beer is famous for the whole region. In the museum you can order a tasting.

In addition to beer tasting, you can try a coffee tasting in Monshau. Here is a coffee shop of Mausen, which offers premium coffee from the best selected grains. Tasting costs about 4 euros, and after it you will know exactly about coffee. And where, not in Brazil and not in Colombia, but in West Germany!
(What else can you try in Germany?)

Monshau - Fabulous German Town in the Belgian border

In general, drinking coffee with some kind of dessert in Monshau I want contrary to. Confectionery and bakery doors open from the very early morning, smells on the squares are miserable. Ordering a bun with raisins, remember – the inhabitants of Monscheu almost do not speak English. I had to remember a few words in French so that the girl in the bakery could understand me. The proximity of Belgium affects. (10 things you need to try in Belgium). Of course, quite wonderful if you are available German.

Monshau – it seems to be not a categorical province (to Cologne, only 100 km – read about Cologne), but life here leaks slow, natural. No fuss. People on the streets are not so much (but 12 thousand people live in the city, where they are hiding?), restaurants close at nine in the evening. And right behind the city – the big reserve.

How to get to Monasha?
Monshuu enters the area of ​​the city of Aachen, from here 40 kilometers from here. The most convenient to go by car. But you can use public transport – by bus or train (reading about the railway in Germany), they go to Monshau from Aachen. Before Aachen, you can go from any major city on the Rhine – Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen or Duisburg.

Monshau - Fabulous German Town in the Belgian border

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