Mons. Cities of Belgium

Mons (Fr. MONS) – Belgian city, located 50 km from the capital. He is in the province of Eno and is its administrative center. Earlier Mons was the capital of Gennagau county. Its area is 146.56 km², A population – About 95,000 people.

The first settlements appeared on the territory of Mons still in the Neolithic era. Then, at the place of the future city, I split my camp Julius Caesar, who really liked his convenient location on the hill. However, the city arose in this place only in the VII century. The main role in his foundation was played by the daughter of an approximate king of chlorine II – Walcheruda.

She built a chapel house, and then a monastery. Waldherd after his death was ranked in the face of saints and canonized. The insidency became a favorite place of pilgrims who began to arrive here from all over Europe. The city began to actively develop. He becomes the capital of ENO County.

In the XIII century, Mons grow up, new quarters appear in it. But the main centers remain the monastery and Count Castle. A powerful urban walls with gates and towers continue to build around the city. In the Middle Ages, Mons survived many difficulties: terrible epidemics, permanent change of authorities, enemy sieges. Even French revolutionaries visited here.

Only by the end of the XIX century in the city began a quiet life. Many public institutions were built in Mons, the railway appeared. In 1873, the great poet Paem was delivered to the local prison, which he wrote a lot of her poems in it. At the same time, revolutionary demonstrations are constantly held in the city.

At the beginning of the 20th century, for four years, Mons was occupied by the Germans. During World War II, residents of the city had to survive the fascist yoke, terrible bombing. They were released on September 2, 1944. At its meeting, the European Commission proclaimed that in 2015 Mons will receive the status of the cultural capital of Europe.

What sights need to be visited in this Belgian city? First of all, of course, the collegial church of the Holy Walcherda (FR. ColléGiale Sainte-Waudru) – Heavenly intercession of mons. Located this cathedral in the heart of the city. Built him two centuries. Works were started in 1450, and finished only in 1686.

The project of the church was the architect Mathie de Laens. But many of his ideas, unfortunately, did not work. For example, the height of the bell tower should have been 190 meters, in fact it turned out to be significantly lower. The temple is built in the Gothic style. It can admire the works of the sculptor Jacques, the old stained glass windows of the XVI century, «Golden Wagon» and church treasury.

Befrua (Fr. Beffroi) – Monsco Building, which UNESCO included in the World Heritage List. Built this building was in the Baroque style at the end of the XVII century on the architect project Louis Led. Its main appointment was to warn the population of threatening danger: fires and air raids.

In height, this building reaches 87 meters. At the very top, you can climb the narrow screw staircase, but for this you will have to overcome 365 steps. Here is the famous Carillon, the ringing of the bells of which fills the terrific melody on holidays the whole city.

Valencian Tower (FR. TOUR VALENCIENNOISE) was built in the XIV century. It is a round of round shape. Of all the fortress fortifications, it was only one to survive. The thickness of the walls of this structure is 4 meters, the inner diameter – 10 meters, external diameter – 18 meters. Tower has loopholes.

Town Hall (Fr. HôTel de Ville) is located on a large area located in the heart of the city. She appeared in Mons in 1269. It was a half-timbered building, which was covered with a straw roof. Later it was repeatedly rebuilt, often the construction frozen. The tiled roof appeared at the Town Hall only in the XVI century, then the tile was replaced by slate.

A vintage bell was installed on the bell tower. In the XVI-XVIII centuries, a lot of connections were made in the building, at the expense of which it increased. Arched windows and portal, stone eaves, massive door decorate the town hall. A funny wrought monkey, sitting at her entry, brings good luck to all guests.

Mons. Cities of Belgium

An interesting urban building is Spanish House (FR. MAISON ESPAGNOLE). Located not far from Beffrua. It was built of a red brick in Dutch style: it has three floors, windows have a different size, on the roof there is a mansard window. Nowadays, the house is not empty, there is a publisher in it.

The building of the Masonic Lodge (FR. Parfaite Union) is located 250 meters from the railway station. Once in Monsa, one of the largest Masonic centers settled. However, for a long time, his bed did not have its own residence, so in 1890 it was decided to build it. Architect became Hector Putso. Masonic symbolism and Egyptian motives were used in the design of the residence.

Casemates (Fr. CaseMates) – This is a building, the length of which is 170 meters, and the area – 8 500 kV. M. Earlier on the roof of this structure were cannons. In 1985, a museum of roads was opened in the caasemates. Construction machinery and special devices are exhibited here.

Square of Arts (FR. Carré DES Arts) is a small area inside a rectangular building. It was built at the beginning of the XIX century. The architect Remy de Puidte worked on his project. At first there were barracks in this building, then the royal gymnasium, today the highest school of plastic and visual arts and local television company.

A park «Voxoll» (Fr. Parc Waux-Hall) was laid in the middle of the XIX century. It covers an area of ​​5 hectares. Landscape architect Park was Louis Füx. Picturesque reservoirs, shady alleys, century-old trees, beautiful statues made the park to a favorite holiday destination Country and city guests.

But not only Mons Mons are famous for its sights. There is an amazing local cuisine having an ancient tradition. Culinary specialists are Monster Soup (FR. SOUPE MONTOISE) Trout «Antoine Cles» (Fr. Truite «Antoine Classe») and pies «Golden Wagon» (Fr. Ratons «CAR D’Or»).

You can get to Mons by car or train from all major cities of Belgium: Brussels, Lille, Liege, Tourna. The best time for a visit to this wonderful city is Late Spring and All Summer. Sunny days, juicy greenery, bright flowers will enjoy the beauty of Mons.

Mons. Cities of Belgium

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