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This story began in La Paz (Bolivia), where I was traveling in South America. "Of course, it’s great to admire the species of one of the most highly mountainous cities in the world, I thought, sitting on one of the surrounding peaks. – But it hurts the cold. "For several months, I have been constantly Merz for several months on the road – there was winter on the continent.

And do not wait to me in Amazonia? After all, there is always warmth there. I immediately liked the idea, and after an hour I sat down on the Internet. In the evening I managed to find out the following: First, contrary to the question of the idea of ​​Bolivia as a high-mountainous country, two thirds of its territory lie in the Amazon River Basin. Secondly, these tropical places are almost not populated, which means that the virgin nature has been preserved there. Thirdly, get there from La Pas is not so difficult – 15 hours by direct bus. Well, last: Bolivia is the most inexpensive country of South America, and tourism in Bolivian Amazonia is only born, so prices are simply cheaper than the neighboring Peru and all the more Brazil.

Bus to Rurrenabak (or, as Local, just Rurra) went away into lunch. As it usually happens in Bolivia, a couple more hours have passed, until finally in the cargo compartment, all the boxes were blocked and we went to the far way. I was very pleased – I managed to snatch a ticket to the first row with a panoramic view, located right above the driver (the first floor was cargo).

Monkey, parrot - Here is the company!

Undoubtedly, many of you have heard about the famous death road – the most dangerous road of the world, in which 200-300 people die annually. So, the route of my bus La Paz – Rurre lay on it. "However, there are no more reasons for concern, I thought," because in 2006, the road asphalted, and several of the most dangerous sites were allowed on a safer tramp path ". As it turned out later, I was brutally mistaken.

In just 70 km of the road, the road descends from La Pas (height 4650 m) to Koroiko (1200 m). Surprisingly how quickly changes around nature – from thick fog and ice to brown tropical vegetation. And this is exactly the part that today is not dangerous.

Monkey, parrot - Here is the company!

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