Monkey nursery in Abkhazia

Based in Sukhum in 1927, it is still popular among adults and children. But little knows that the Sukhumian nursery for monkeys is not just a zoo, this is a research center, thanks to which, in the past century, there was no scientific discovery.

Here scientists conducted and conduct research on primates, thanks to which it is possible to create, for example, new vaccines from diseases. The full name of the nursery sounds like this: Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy An Abkhazia. Monkey nursery is located on the slope of the Mountain Trapeze. This is one of Sukhum’s top attractions.

Initially, for the creation of this nursery in Guinea, about fifteen monkeys were purchased, but many of them did not survive transportation. Therefore, to start its work to the Abkhaz nursery had four individuals: two chimpanzees and PAVIANOV-ANUBISOV.

For the numerous years of its work, the Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and therapy has achieved considerable results: vaccine was invented from abdominal typhoid, syphilis, plague and brain diseases.

Already in the early 1990s, about three thousand individuals lived on the territory of the monkey nursery of Abkhazia. During the Georgian-Abkhaz war, many individuals died, some could not give offspring or gave birth to dead young.

At the entrance to the territory of the reserve, a large monument of the monkey, delivered here in 1977. It is believed that this is the only monument in the world a monkey who was erected here in honor of primates who saved the lives of millions of people.

Monkey nursery in Abkhazia

Despite the fact that the cells and buildings of the nursery are not in the best condition, the nursery is worth a visit: the most different types of primates live here, after communicating with which the warmest memories remain with.

Be careful with bags, packages and other things that will be with you when visiting the monkey nursery Sukhum: monkeys are very curious, and their dexterities and reactions can only be envied.

You can get to Monkey Kennel Sukhuma you can walk from the Botanical Garden. Before lifting the mountain, an informational sign is installed, saying that it is here that the research institute of experimental pathology and therapy is located. Next, up the staircase leads, which can be held in 10-15 minutes.

At the entrance to the nursery it is a cash desk, where you need to buy a ticket worth 150 to 100 rubles for an adult and a children’s ticket, respectively.

Monkey nursery in Abkhazia

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