Monkey holiday

Tourists in Thailand waiting for the mass of unusual holidays. Of course, the most famous of them – Songkran – Thai New Year. Please be painful and other state and religious holidays. At least one of which is necessary to get to tourists, especially since we will remind the ours of Visa Thailand for a short time not needed. And one of the most curious, the holidays of the kingdom is not at all for tourists. Every year in November, a luxurious buffet is arranged in Lopburi-Sam-Yot in Lopburi, where local monkeys are invited. The holiday traditionally passes in the last weekend of November, this year it will take place on November 25.

The essence of the festival is that the primates living here are happy with a huge number of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. The holiday is considered one of the most dirtiest festivals of the world, since the culprits of the celebration do not differ in elegant manners. Early on the organization of the holiday spend about 16 thousand dollars. Included here both local monkeys and guests from neighboring districts, specially resorting to Lopburi for the sake of treats. In total, the holiday is going about two thousand monkeys.

Monkey holiday

Lopburi Province is located in the Central region of Thailand and is famous for its prehistoric monuments. The main attractions – the palace of King Naraya, the Khmer Temple of Prang-Sam-Yod ("Temple with three Towers"), Siva sanctuary. However, local monkeys have long been the main symbol of the province. Residents consider them descendants of Hanuman, because monkeys, as they say in "Ramayane", made him kingdom Lopburi. Monkeys Might and main use such respects and occupied the sights of the province, including the temples of San Phara-Kan and Prang-Sam-iodine.

Monkey holiday

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