Monkey Forest &# 8212; The kingdom of monkeys

In the center of Mountain Ubud there is a dense forest, with a web of Lian, high trees and with many monkeys. Monkey Forest &# 8212; It is considered a sacred place due to the old church of Pura, which plays an important role in the local religious basis.

Temple Pura Dalem

The first birthday on Bali, noted two hundred and ten days after the birth of the child. From this day, the life cycle of transitions begins for a resident of the island, among which: maturity, wedding, child birth and death. Each life stage matches its temple. And if during life, it &# 171; Upper temple of the source&# 187; Pura Puech, then after it, respectively &# 171; Lower temple of the dead&# 187; Poura Dalem, where the long-fashioned God of Shiva prepares people to reincarnation.

Presumably the temple was built in the middle of the 14th century and its uniqueness is that there is a sacred for the Balinese Ling-Yoni for many centuries &# 8212; The symbol of the male and female start, which is used in the worship of God Shiva.

Temple on the territory of Monkey Forest. Photo Credit: toonman Blchin, Flick

Walk along the carved walls of the temple. Photo Credit: Muhammad Reynaldy, Flick

Temple Pura Dalem. Photo Credit: Peter Witberg, Flickr

Walls of the church of Para. Photo Credit: Blese, Flickr

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest &# 8212; This is a reserve, some trees of which are considered sacred and used, with cremation, for the construction of temples, as well as various rituals. Among them, the pool of a bandak occupies a special place, a tree that embodies the spirit of the forest. From his bark make masks for the temple. On the appointed day, the priest asks permission from the Spirit of the tree, is it possible to cut off a piece of bark. Balinese believe that if you get &# 171; agreement&# 187;, then the sacred spirit will continue in the future mask.

Trees in the forest. Photo Credit: Manoo Mistry, Flickr

Powerful Forest Tree Stems. Photo Credit: Williams, Flick

Monkey Forest . Photo Credit: Javi Sánchez De La Viña, Flick

The only MONKEY Forest owners were long-tailed macales. Gray strains live in different areas of the forest. Here are about 350. According to local beliefs, monkeys should be an integral part of the spiritual life of the temple.

Photo Credit: Han Qi, Flickr

Martyrs are accustomed to numerous guests, and it seems to believe that the endless stream of people is an integral part of their life. Actually so it is.

The owners of the forest. Photo Credit: Hocus Focus Photography, Flick

Photo Credit: Macarena Iglesias Gualati, Flickr

Monkey Forest. Photo Credit: Williams, Flick

Forest residents can use tourist’s shoulders as a transit point, can have an honor and sit near or show super location and dig in your head, carefully choosing fleas. But all this, as a rule, happens when a person imposes a monkey his society, they themselves, in most cases, ignore passersby.

Photo Credit: jeremy.Fox, Flickr

Photo Credit: Sebastien Rigault, Flickr

Monkey Forest; The kingdom of monkeys

Monkey Forest, truly paradise for monkeys with natural conditions for life and multiple food. And although the province is abuse, monkeys will never give up the treat. Take everything that only you give, deftly grabbing for prey.

Nice to talk with a smart person) Photo Credit: Bea Pierce, Flick

Photo Credit: Scoutone, Flickr

Good to know

When hiking to the forest, it is necessary to take into account the Macak thrust to brilliant and just bright objects. Remove all the decorations, glasses and hide things capable of attracting their attention, and also hold the camera firmly. Since if a monkey, what will like, she will not wait for your permission. Grabbing and remember as called.

Tablery prey. Photo Credit: SSILBERMAN, FLICK

Image Nothing – Thirst All! Photo Credit: Aitor Santos, Flick

These agricultural creatures do not limit themselves the territory of the forest and regularly go to the promenade in the nearby surroundings. They can be seen on the roads leading to Monkey Forest, roofs of neighboring houses, on cars and in souvenir shops, where they look with curiosity attracted by a variety of bright things.

We are here hosts) Photo Credit: Christian Schierig, Flick

Photo Credit: Robdu91, Flickr

Here is such a Monkey Forest, ancient and full impressions. You need to go here, with respect to local traditions and love for animals.

Monkey Forest; The kingdom of monkeys

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