Monkey Cult

They are funny, curious and clearer. Stubborn and diplomatic, careful and prompt. They — Monkeys, which in the world there are several hundred species. The growth of the smallest of them does not exceed 12–15 cm, and call them dwarf toys. And the largest monkeys are gorilla, whose growth can reach 2 m, and the weight — 270 kg.

Behind monkeys can watch clock. In many ways they are very similar to people. For example, human-like monkeys (orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas and gibbons) instead of hair hair, and instead of claws — nails. Also, scientists note that chimpanzees, like us, are characteristic of the feeling of excellent: for example, many of them admire the sunset or consider drops after the rain.

In the tropical forests of Central and South America, a monkey of a coat, which can hang on branches using the tip of his tail. Not surprisingly, she belongs to the family of spine-shaped monkeys.

Monkey Cult

There are species that are on the verge of extinction, for example, golden lion tamarin. But in Sunny Thailand, monkeys respect and honor. Every year, in the province of Lopburi, monkeys a feast in honor of the god Monkey Hanuman. On this day, the temple come about 2000 animals to enjoy fruit and other treats.

In Japan, expression «To do nothing» sounds like «a monkey». The Japanese believe that the little statues of monkeys can bring happiness and protect children from evil spirits.

Monkey Cult

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