Monkey Buffet Festival – Monkey Pir

In the sunny city of Lopbury in honor of the monkeys every year, one of the most extraordinary festivals of the world is arranged – Monkey Buffet Festival.

Monkey Buffet Festival – Monkey Pir

Lopburi is located 150 km from Bangkok and is famous not only by the festival, but also the ancient ruins of temples, among which there is a stormy feast. For 50 thousand inhabitants, there are more than two thousand monkeys. The festival is held on the last Sunday of November for over 20 years since 1989.


McAki pretty reach the locals – break the wires, output television antennas, steal and in every way hooligany. But despite this, residents annually arrange a feast for a macaque. Legends say that God Hanuman In order to find the missing wife’s missing wife accepted the accumulation of monkey. Hanuman fulfilled his mission, and Rama gave it to the lands, on which the state of the monkeys was founded, and later the city of Lopbbb appeared there.

Monkey Buffet Festival, Lopburi

Early in the morning near the ruins of the PRANG SAM YOT, tables appear on which tons of a wide variety of delicacies lie in abundance. Various fruits, soda, vegetables, sweets, ice with frozen fruit – all this exclusively for shaggy friends.

Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand Tables with Appeal, Lopburi Consumption, Thailand

Monkey Buffet Festival - Monkey Pir

At noon, a solemn parade is arranged in the city, and near the temple dancers in the suits of monkeys arrange a show. Then the most interesting part of the festival begins – the feast! Monkeys let me up to the tables, and begins madness.

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Makaki grab everything in a row and fight with each other for the most lacrimal pieces, and squeezing the stomachs they begin to dissolve and "communicate" with tourists.

Monkey with tourist, Lopburi

Every year the festival in Lopburi is gaining increasing popularity. The banquet organization is quite expensive, but Thais believe that it attracts happiness and good luck. On the last monkey buffet festival, held on November 25, 2012, more than 4 tons of vegetables and fruits were harvested, not counting drinks, nuts and other delicacies.

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