Mongolia Nature: Personal Experience

The nature of Mongolia is indeed very originally, especially in spring and autumn, when the weather changes his sign "+" on "-" and vice versa.

Spring when starts "reveal" Baikal, the wind of incredible strength raises from the ground even stones with a pigeon egg. And then, after the rain, the desert begins to flourish. Very nice! You look at the empty recently land, and it is like a table covered with green cloth: under your feet yellow-gray sand, slightly raise your eyes – the brightest greens, and even above – the unusual depth of the blue sky! Only the greens of this – the apparent carpet, actually green bumps, growing each separately from others. But it is a pity that it’s not for a long time. A week later or a few scoring sun burns this greens, and again until the next spring.

Mongolia Nature Personal Experience

For these two years, that I was in Mongolia, the temperature in the summer once rose to + 42’s, and mostly all summer +28 – +32, not very hot, if we take into account the affairs of air (about 1 km above sea level) and humidity (no more than 20%). Approximately the same temperature and in winter, but exactly the opposite. -23 – -28. With such a humidity of the ears on the ruins, the commanders made us omit only after -30. Only one day the thermometer dropped to -43, and so -32 normal temperature.

Mongolia Nature Personal Experience

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