Mongolia City: Ulan Bator

Ulan Bator was founded in 1639 g. and is a political, commercial and cultural center of the country. The city can be boldly called "The most unusual capital of Asia". Where else can you meet the metropolitan inhabitants living in yurts in the middle of the city, or saddling right at the threshold horse for a trip to work? Nevertheless, this is a completely modern city in which a quarter of the country’s population lives, and which has its own special, no one has a similar charm and appearance.

Sights of Ulan Bator

The main attractions of the capital are considered Bell of Mira on the central square, Monument and Mausoleum Suke Bator (National Hero, who announced the independence of Mongolia from China), "Khan bail" With the famous sculptures of the twelve hatty of the goddess Tara, Winter Palace (1893-1903.) the last emperor of Mongolia Bogdyman, Monastery Gandan (Gandantegchinlen-Hid, 1840 g., the largest active monastery of the country) with the temple of Genray-Sing, wooden Monastery Chojin-Lamin-Sum (Coinzin-Lam, beginning XX in., Now there is a museum of Buddhist art) in the city center, House of Parliament and Palace of Culture with Art Gallery.

The richest history of the country is reflected in the many museums of the capital, among which the most interesting Fine Art Museum Zanabazar, Museums of history and natural science (Here is one of the best collections of dinosaur bones in the world), National Museum of History (The richest meeting on the history of the country), Museum of Art with the richest collection of folk crafts, Museum of Ulan Bator, Museum of National Toys, Military Museum, Public library (here is kept here a unique collection of manuscripts on Sanskrit, XI in.), our Center for Scientific and Cultural Cooperation With good exposition on the history and culture of Mongolia and other.

It is worth paying attention to State Theater Opera and Ballet, State Theater Drama, Theater of dance and folk song – centuries-old musical traditions of the country give reason to consider these institutions by another attraction of the capital.

In the southern part of the city there amusement park and Naran-Tul Market – The best cashmere market in the world, and still south, on the hill, Monument to Soviet-Mongolian friendship From the observation platform, from where the excellent panorama of the capital.

Around Ulan Bator

The surroundings of Ulan Batoras are no less entertaining. In 39 km south-east of the capital, on the very edge of Rock, tested over the most beautiful valley, is located Monastery Manzushira (1733 g.).

In the village of Doulong Boldog (70 km from the capital) there is a sacred place for Mongols – Mount Bogd-Ul (Bogdo-Ula, 2256 m.) – place of birth and adolescence Teupezhpin (Genghis Khan). A monument to the Great Conqueror and the founder of the Mongolian Empire will be erected here, and a biosphere reserve has been created.

Mongolia city Ulan Bator

Four mountain peak – Tsetsegege, Chengeltel, Songino Hairhan and Bayansurh, surrounding the capital, are considered holy places. These are huge peaks, overgrown with larch forests and populated by numerous wildlife, are the favorite places of locals (to visit the region, foreigners require permission that can be issued at the entrance to Bogdoyan National Park (15 km south of the capital). Nearby spreading mountains Bogdo-Ula reserve ("Holy Mountain").

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