"Mongol Arch" – Sunny water

In a long-standing revolutionary times, a former militant militant militant millet was received by several cows confiscated from the brew. And immediately bought a cone-shaped tank for distillation of a reroxed acid milk. "Well, the old woman, he pleased his wife, – now I will drink your vodka". And started testing.

The first cup of the product was solemnly set before the images of the gods, and the second wife presented a nyma. He, having drunk a bowl, exclaimed with a vote with excitement: "Oh gods, what moisture!" And from the eyes of nyama rolled tears of happiness. Still would! In his house has prospect. After all, no one in his kind and dream could not drive her own vodka. And to him, nyma, good luck.

Here is the famous Mongolian writer h.LodoDamba describes in the novel "Transparent Tamir" such a sensual relationship of a simple mongola to self-mounted vodka as a symbol of material well-being. Let me add that since then, the love of Mongols to the spirits not only did not weaken, but even more broke out.

But in general "Milk vodka" here are chased from ancient times. Yes, and that it remained to do to nomads, if they did not grow rice nor wheat, no potatoes. But milk cattle walked through Mongolian spaces always abound.

Such a vodka here is called "Mongol Arch" Or – jokingly in conversation – cunning water. Why "Chitra", Yes "Water"? Yes, because after the first distillation, a slightly frantic fluid to the taste of those Europeans, which is accustomed to 40 or more degrees, has practically no fortress. However, she has one feature – at the legs of this tricky driver, which be sure to be heated, shooks so that after a few you can do not get up.

About tastes, of course, do not argue, but foreigners who had the opportunity to try this product is by no means impressive. To taste resembles warm reverse.

Nevertheless, today Mongols prefer "Cute water" Such famous overseas drinks like whiskey, gin, vodka. Well, our-speaking Mongols "Mongol Arch" Call "Archival" Product. And those who drive dairy vodka, name – Again in a joke — "archivities", that is "cooking vodka".

And cook it in huge quantities, and, apparently, everything is drunk to the last drop. Not in vain, the fight against green serpent was incentively conducted in socialist times, and at different stages of democratic transformations.

I remember how 20 years ago traveled on business trips. Foreign Ministry, as it should be, informed in advance the leadership of Aimaka or Somon about the upcoming visit. By tradition, already a few kilometers from the village were waiting for party and other local "Dargy" (bosses). And, of course, not with empty hands. First – by charm for a prosperous arrival, then dinner, then dinner. As a result, naturally, "He was written off" Several boxes "Arch".

Who knows, maybe "traditions" and caused the fact that frequent reliefs gradually turned almost into the norm of life. Drink in Mongolia – about and without – in all organizations and institutions. And regularly. Domestic drunkenness has become terrible. And most often, according to sociologists, on the soil of hopelessness, unemployment and vitality, the absence of any prospects. According to official data, since 1990, the number of drunks has increased almost three times.

It came to the point that, by expressing one of the local newspapers, in Mongolia now "only women work. Men spend time at the tables in numerous beer and night bars, thereby giving a tribute to their faithful friend Bachus".

According to the data, the truth is one year old, there are about 130 large and small enterprises for the production of alcoholic beverages. However, in addition to these legitimate, there are even 300 illegal. In any case, the Colonel of the Mongolian police l.BILGE, which is a member of the presidential group on the fight against drunkenness.

Against this background, alcohol statistics seem to be ominous, which indicates that a third of the Mongols under the age of 35 are constantly consumed alcohol. But even recently, the ancient traditions were honored here, according to which only mature men could be resorted to hot drinks, that is, male faces that have reached 40 years. Now, for individual students of junior classes, beer and vodka are no longer "secret adults".

If in former times, 3.3 thousand tons of alcohol, produced in two years old, was enough to meet the demand for alcohol in the country, today and 5 thousand tons are little. And to "quench thirst", hundreds of tons of imported, often low-quality alcohol, mainly from neighboring China. Both both legal and illegally. In smuggling "Firewater" even those who occupy a prominent position in society are drawn. As reported the seal, in the scandalous cases of illegal imports into the country of large parties of alcohol, a number of workers of the customs service, prosecutor’s office, police were observed. Only over the last two years, 82 criminal cases related to smuggling of large batches of alcohol were initiated.

Mongol Arch - Sunnaya Water

In order to somehow cope with the spread of drunkenness, a group of parliamentarians from the previous composition of the Great People’s Huurala began work on the draft law associated with "Resuscitation" in the country of the regime of forced treatment and labor re-education of chronic alcoholics.

For the sake of justice, I would like to note that at one time a similar system of combating alcoholism acted quite effectively. Back in 1985, the decision of the then Presidium of the Great People’s Huuras of Disturbed Drunks was sent to the places of treatment and forced work, mainly on wooded. From the money earned by them, the necessary part was deducted at the expense of treatment and nutrition, and the other was translated into a personal savings book. However, with the beginning in the 90s of democratic transformations, such a practice was practically rushed into the fly.

To turn to the old methods of impact on alcoholics forced, in essence, the critical situation with drunkenness. And to show everyone an example, the leadership of the country decided to abandon the alcohol at official receptions. As the then Prime Minister Rinchinnyaman Amarzhargal, "This will be a specific government’s contribution to the fight against drunkenness, engaged in all sectors of Mongolia".

The Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party stood up on the Green Zmiem’s ​​path and came to power. On July 2, 2000, Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party. According to the current chairman of the government, Nambaryna Anchbayar, it is necessary to urgently revise the rules relating to the import, production and sales of alcoholic products. "We must lead an implacable struggle with the use of alcoholic beverages in the official time, firmly adhere to the principle of punishment of those who guessed down until dismissal from work", — He categorically stated.

As part of the campaign against drunkenness in Ulan Bator, even advertising shields of domestic and imported beer are dismantled. The decision to create in the capital "non-alcoholic areas". Such "Islands sobriety" The prospect of peace and student area will be, where, by the way, the main mass of beer bars and all sorts of alcohol sales focuses. In addition, the test of all points selling alcoholic begins. Already there are first results. More than 3.7 thousand merchants are fined, seized from sale a large number of alcoholic beverages of dubious origin.

War with drunkenness was erected into the rank of state policy, said the speaker of Parliament Lhamsurengine Enebish and called on his compatriots instead of alcohol drinking "Our ancient and healing drink – Kumys".

However, despite all calls and statements, tangible results are not yet visible. According to the Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs of Congidine Namdorezh, for the 8 months of 2000, the number of citizens who came to the medical breakers reached 96.5 thousand – almost 35 percent more than in 1999. Almost 20 percent more committed and alcoholism crimes.

Mongol Arch - Sunnaya Water

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