Monastery of Virgin Mary Snowy

The Monastery of the Virgin Mary Snowy was founded in Cavtat at the end of the XV century on the initiative of the Small Brotherhood of Dubrovnik. The name of the monastery comes from the Christian legend of snow, unexpectedly walked in Rome hot August Day after the phenomenon of Our Lady.

The structure was erected in two stages: initially on the Franciscan funds, and then (n. XVI B.) – For donations from the nobleman Frank Guchetich. The church at the monastery was built a little earlier and by the time of the construction of the monastery had already functioned.

The monastery complex is a small building of a rectangular shape with the church in the Eastern Wing and the Garden – in northern. Unfortunately, after the earthquake XVII in. Only part of the building remained from the original building. The building was repeatedly updated and restored: at the end of the XIX in. The bell tower was erected here, and the body was installed, the church inventory and the versions of the ministers were updated.

Monastery of the Virgin Mary Snow Sightseeing Cavtat Travel Guide

Modern Gothic Tower of the Monastery, which is visible from the shore, was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Interior decoration, in particular, the gilding and decoration of the ammes was produced at the means of local residents.

Today, art exhibitions are often held in the monastery, and in general the church is registered as a cultural monument in 1984.

Monastery of the Virgin Mary Snow Sightseeing Cavtat Travel Guide

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