How will the human body change in the future

The most possible version of the most frightening. However, not for the human body. After all, then the dream of all the beauties of the earth will come true – to have a slim and tanned figure like a Hollywood diva. All because those who live in a hot climate eat many plants that are not at all contributing to the fullness. And another banal reason – thermoregulation. The inhabitants of warm countries are thin and have elongated proportions. The loud of the person, the easier it cools his body, harmony – just the evolutionary adaptation to the hot climate.

And people, according to anthropologists, most likely, the nose and lips will expand, will increase the jaw. Like all equatorials (a wide nose and jaws allow you to better ventilate air, and chubby lips – evaporate liquid). Perhaps the skull will stretch and we will acquire anthracite-black curls. Both allows the head more effectively lose heat.

glacial period

No matter how much global warming is frightened, many experts are twist at the temple: they say what you are, what warming, we live in an era of passionate. And by the standards of history, she was delayed in disabilities long. So get fur coats. And meat. And Salo. This is what eats the northern peoples. Eskimos, by the way, are able to post 3 kg of fat per day (without having problems with cholesterol!). And you are weak?

Message of a record number of protein and fat is responsible for the northernerscenism. That is, the more they eat squirrel, the more their muscles and bones are developing. Therefore, if there is a total freeze, we will become low and wide (we will have muscles developed, and someone has a grease). According to the principle of samovar: the round, the longer the heat is preserved.

And this is just the beginning. Scientists do not exclude: In the distant future, humanity can learn … to fall into the hibernation. And what, there are such examples with our relatives-primates (fatty lemurs), and in the same northern peoples. With the onset of polar nights, the latter can enter their body into an anabiosis state when they sit around the fire and do not talk to each other all day.


And this is possible. At least in the opinion of futurologists. Technology development will allow us to look like we want. And especially bold believe that our mortal body is no longer available – only avatars, only hardcore. Gradually, parts of the body will be replaced by artificial, until in the end we will not turn into reasonable cars, and maybe we will exist only in the Internet space. And maybe someday genetic engineering will reach the level when we ourselves can choose a specific appearance and any other set of physical data for their children. Fortunately, this will happen soon. If it happens at all.

Future forth

When scientific and technical progress will win – whether it will be. No person – no problem. Few people think that it is true and the opposite: no problem – no person. Because problems stimulate to develop. No problem – no motivation. If humanity, God forbid, will learn how the resources themselves get themselves, and then delivered to him in the mouth, – Write disappeared. We risk to turn into biomass like parasitic worms, which, as you know, live in food. Before they, by the way, were much more highly organized than now. Reducing the problems turned them into parasites (a living example – a medault, the ancestors of which had fins and could swim independently). The floor system is the only thing that they have preserved (digestive and nervous strongly reduced). Yes, and improved. What is called five with a plus. Something similar can expect us.

By Wellsu

But with the notorious scientific and technical revolution options are possible. The future can become a paradise for some and purifying for others. How in the Roman Herbert Wells "Time Machine". "A small creature is no more than four feet in growth," "Surprisingly beautiful, resembling a savory beauty" – so the father of science fiction described the first category of earthlings of the future – Eloev who have reached the tops of technical progress. And so: "Monkey-like … dirty-white", "with big grayish-red eyes", "runs on all fours" – disgusting carrots, degraded people who returned to the level of Australopithek.

In the future, humanity may be divided into two these "races". The second will be served first (because resources may not be enough for everyone; in this case, someone will inevitably turn out to be at the very bottom of the social, and then the evolutionary staircase). It is not excluded that only "Morloki" or only "Eloi" will remain. It depends on which side the progress step.

The famous anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky in his article "Pan or Morlok" writes: "(In the event of humanity, there will be tens of thousands of years to reside in the ledge of supercivilization) . The dimensions of the digestive system as a whole and the jaw in particular will decrease, the bones of the skull will become thinner, the muscular tone will inevitably weaken … Interesting changes are possible: for example, fingers can be lengthened and effect their mobility, if successful on the computer becomes reflected in reproductive success.

How will the human body change in the future

"Morloki" will appear in the apocalyptic scenario. Pollution of the planet will result in enhanced natural selection. All weak and painful die. Physical force and endurance will be released on the fore. Humanity will begin to dig. "So far, unfortunately, everything goes to this scenario, and it is still very optimistic, for it implies in principle the survival of mankind. Sadly, but we destroy our habitat so quickly that with our leisurely reproduction speed, we may not have enough speed to adapt to new conditions. Humanity can extort in the next couple of hundred years, "writes Drobyshevsky.

First of all it concerns the most civilized part of the world. Australian aborigines, wild African tribes or Amazonian Indians are likely to notice anything at all. And will be at the origins of new humanity.

Bright future

If we do not turn into Morlokov. I will not become "parasites". Then everything is fine. We will board the universe by spacecraft and walk to the Big Theater. Put an apple tree on Mars. Migrants on the Red Planet waiting for the rapid "thinning" and the elongation of hands and legs – due to low gravity. A limited amount of food in the first stages will lead to a decrease in body weight. Powerful radiation will contribute … the appearance of the horny. Like a turtle.

About Rudiment

Changes are waiting for us at any scenario. First of all it concerns the senses. For example, view. To modify the organs of vision will lead to constant siting at the monitor. Moisturizing rarely flashing eyes will be relevant with the help of enhanced work of the sebaceous glands – the reflex morgue will not be enough. But our sense of smell, with which today everything is very sad, apparently will disappear at all. Lost – there is nothing to sniff in the environment, except for roses and spirits. But according to such "trifles", evolution does not exchange – nuh need to track prey or escape from it. Everything else is "dambling", an extra part in our brain too much space that might "go" to more important things. For example, the ability to see in the dark (if humanity is necessary to go under the ground – let’s say, in connection with the natural catastrophe).

Reduced by the way, and rudimentary organs. Such, for example, the teeth of wisdom, which, in the opinion of anthropologists, is awaited in the summer of 200 years. Muscles of the ears, nose and the last two ribs will disappear about 2 million years. Also fingers. But the brain is likely to grow. Per 1 kg. After 7 million years old (they consider anthropologists, based on the history of the evolution of mankind).

Globalization and permanent immigration will eventually make his black case. In the sense of dark. Some anthropologists are confident that after a few centuries we all become carbohylase mulats. Like Brazilians. Blue eyes, red hair and freckles, which can be entered into the Red Book today, may disappear at all. By the way, in 2002, epidemiologists from the United States found out that only one of six white Americans is the owner of a blue eye. And a hundred years ago, they were more than half of the white population of states.

How will the human body change in the future

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