How we were robinsons on a desert island. Is it possible to survive on the uninhabited island in the Pacific

Mid-Pacific. Atoll archipelago Tuamotu. Day after the attack of the pirates, we approached one of the uninhabited atolls. Atolls are not just the islands to which you can approach and stand anchor – in fact it is a ring barrier reef, which is an island with a large lagoon in the center. So enter this lagoon can be exactly twice a day during the hourly gap when due to tides and sings, the speed of the flow / leakage of water from this natural pool is equalized and stops reminding the mountain river after the rain. We approached the island on time and easily penetrated into a protected lagoon and anchor anchor after an hour near the shore. The last days were granted quite nervous and I stretched out under the awning and fell asleep.

Morning woke me up with a raised wind, not stormy, but strong enough to make a way out of the lagoon is quite dangerous – it became clear that we were stuck on the island for a couple of days. Checking is well holding anchor, we sat down to breakfast. We are me – Maxim Petenck, Captain around-the-world yacht Gagarin and Katerina Kuyanova – my permanent first assistant captain.

An experiment with Robinsonad on a uninhabited island has long been melted in our conversations, and everything happened as it should be better for him, so we decided to spend it, completely moving on food, which we can get.

The main problem of such islands is water. Therefore, immersed in the boat we went to the shore. The island was covered with thickets of palm trees in a mix with thickets similar to mangroves. Palm trees, fortunately, coconut, so we decided to replace the water with coconut water and milk. Many people think that this is the same thing, but it is not. Coconut water is a transparent liquid inside walnut. And the milk gets like this: the walnut itself is a clutch on the grater and already poured this chips with coconut water and stirred carefully and then press – and this is already pressing liquid and is called milk. And if they put it in the refrigerator, then a sufficient thick layer of coconut oil is formed during the surface. These oils can be like lubricated the skin, thereby protecting it from the destruction of the tropical sun, so fry on it and use to add to porridge.

In a couple of hours on the shore, we scored enough coconut nuts – the main problem is the height of palm trees, it can reach tens of meters, so I had to look for low. I, of course, learned how to climb these palm trees with the help of a pair of rope and I tell about it in detail in my book "The textbook of the yacht circuit or office plankton goes to the ocean" (Captainmax.rf), but this occupation is very difficult, so without an extreme need to do not want to do.

Next, the issue of food. Asked Katerina, what exactly she wants for lunch, I got into a neoprene suit, a mask with flops, and, taking a gun, jumped overboard. I love the underwater world – this is such a beautiful underwater cosmos, you slide in weightlessness over the reef admiring his beauties. And on uninhabited islands, it is also infinitely diverse and tasty, so it is simply impossible to stay without mining, the question is just now that I want for lunch. The only problem, it is the back of this beautiful diversity. These are sharks … It is they are on top of the food chain in these lagoons, so you have to be very careful and look at different directions, in order not to become prey yourself – by this time I have had to run away a couple of times from sharks, and I was already enough "puranny sparrow". This time it did without a fight and a pair of swimming was pleased with very tasty prey.

For the reef fish, the statement is true that what it is more – the more tastier, so you always try to choose more, but the intellect of fish is growing with increasing sizes, I don’t know what scientists say about the fact that the fish almost instantly forget, but to shoot the fish Parrot value with palm is the simplest task, but it’s already extremely difficult to get half-meter – she knows the reefs "as its fins," can go under the stone and swim through the network inside the reef tunnels for dozens of meters from you, and not just swim away, and see yours side to make sure security.

But there is always a choice – if you are tired of chasing big trophies, you can shoot small fish, and you can simply collect from the bottom of delicious seashells. No less just grab a couple of sea echoes of the caviar of which do not even require cooking – they just broke them in half and smeared on bread.

Only in the army, I understood how fish can be diverse to taste. One fish can only be frying, the other only in the ear goes, and there is a universal.

Therefore, we have been waiting for our ear for lunch, and lobsters are scheduled for dinner.

Well, we did not forget about breakfast – we will fry pancakes. The eaten reader will ask, and where we got a flour on the island?

Well, with this on the islands just – packages with flour grow straight on the trees – this bread. Recipe as simple as possible: in the evening we make several punctures of the peel and just leave for the night. By morning, the contents of the fetus will slightly acidic, after which the leg is cut and the contents are stirred to a homogeneous mass. After that, pancakes immediately come from the resulting test, you do not need to add anything additionally.

How we were robinsons on a desert island. Is it possible to survive on the uninhabited island in a quiet

This island was very small. But if you choose the option more, then Pamplomusi is immediately added to the diet (very similar to Pareos), limes, bananas, oranges, bitter peppers, land crabs and purest water from mountain rivers. Salt is easy to get just scraping it from glasses of yacht portholes – it dries there in industrial quantities.

From bananas if you put them in, it turns out an analog of candies. Dried fish and thinly sliced ​​coconuts replace chips. And coconut water is already converted into analogue of sparkling wine – the main thing is not to redeem.

Juice oranges can be expensive to the state of the syrup and it will replace jam and sugar.

To save gas, well, since we are checking the theory of Robinsons, we decided to cook food on the island on the fire. Divide a fire on the tropical atolls a rather difficult occupation. First of wood – they are simply not on the island, there are some palm trees. The only tree can be found on the beach in the form of the trees thrown by the sea. But we have adapted and used as fuel dried nuts and worn parts of old leaves, which were comparable in thickness with good lanes. Such a fire must be breeding more and relying that the corners will appear much longer and get root faster. But with practice adapt. Plus from cooking on a fire – you do not need to wash a frying pan – the fish sprinkles with salt and pepper, you can lay the lemon circles, wraps in a banana leaf and baked in coals – it turns out very tasty! You can simply bake on the lattice – it is so much faster, but you need to choose a larger fish so as not to over.

The main thought I want to convey this story is that nature is able to feed you, and in the tropical regions to feed very well and varied. It’s funny to understand that if we allowed themselves to eat in a civilized world, it would be worthwhile money, and everything goes out on the islands completely free, and pleasure.

Well, the main needs are satisfied and you need to think about the entertainment. And here’s on uninhabited islands tens. Savings solar panels and generators to recharge gadgets and e-books.You can make small repair, or as I – I prepared and wrote material for blog and future book.

Well, the wind verse. We just did for this time the big reserve of coconuts and fish. Anchor raised, sails and yacht smoothly slides, gaining a move towards new adventure.

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