How we were not allowed to transit in Singapore – new rules of entry

Early morning. Swedish breakfast at 6 am in Saigon Hotel (Country Vietnam). Hurry at the airport. I run down the street and shout: &# 171; taxi&# 187;.

It’s good that Tanshonnyat Airport (SGN) is located near the center of Ho Chi Minhine. Managed in time.

At the reception of the airline Viet Jet, which we plan to fly away to Singapore, big, even a huge line, and we have been involved in the online flight yesterday.

Pre-New Year airport Tanshonnyat (SGN) in Vietnam and many people for registration

I went to the reception

Well.. I walked over to the business class rack to ask us to issue tags for manual stack and issue tickets, but my girl demanded a visa to Singapore.

With scolded eyes, I’ll immediately reach the tickets with flight from Singapore in the coming days. Demonstrating.

The girl says that She needs to receive a visa from us to Singapore, And what without it, we do not get to the flight.

Airlines of the airline Viet Jet

Here I thought that something went wrong.. After all, exactly 2 years ago, we went out and went out from Singapore low cost airlines without a visa, Demonstrating the reverse flights.

Yes, and on our resources on a transit residence in Singapore, it is not written that something has changed in the rules of entry. I checked in advance, but the changes occurred..

I asked when such changes occurred, the representative of the company said that from about the middle of 2014.

This means that if you have purchased tickets through Lookers, which is higher, from the list, you may not be allowed to fly to Singapore and you lose, most likely your money and flight itself.

We had to pay 30.000 rubles for new airline tickets.

Singapore celebrates the 50th anniversary of the city. It could not be missed!

By the way, in that &# 171; malicious&# 187; day, we could not miss our 96 hours in Singapore, t.To. planned a wonderful holiday new year exactly there.

Therefore, we found tickets on the same day at standard airlines and flew away, without a transit visa to Singapore with incredible comfort from Singapore Airlines, paying thirty.000 rubles for 2 tickets . Not cheap.

It’s good that I had a coupon for 250 euros from the BRAVOFRIENDS service, he gave us Discount in 15.000 rubles And everything turned out to be cheaper by 2 times.

Stunning comfort creates Singapore Airlines for his passengers, we did not regret paid money

Issue tourist medical insurance

What can you do to fly away, guaranteed, in Singapore for 96 hours without a visa?

I would follow the following rules:

    The best option, as Singapore is really our transit rather than planned arrival point. For example, if we fly at about.Bali in transit to Singapore from Russia not one loukost airline.

    Night Singapore

    How we were not allowed to transit in Singapore - new rules of entry

Vietnam Airlines for example, not &# 171; blacklist&# 187; airlines

How and when is best to buy tickets at the standard, non-budget airlines?

By the time the average, 2 months before the departure date, It will be cheaper to buy all.

surf &# 8212; follow airline shares on the various sites, such as Pirates or Skyscanner but to the New Year and other holidays, special offers usually no.

One super offer from Pirates

Also, compare prices for flights with conventional airlines on services to find and buy tickets where the cheapest.

The most popular:

Look for all flights incognito browser to avoid unwanted and &# 171; zloumushlennogo&# 187; price increases.

If you have more new information on transit departures from Ho Chi Minh City Airport in Singapore, please write in the comments below.

We, in turn, had a wonderful time and the New Year in Singapore!

The latest news about the transit rule with low-cost airlines

I have studied up to date information on the practical use of the rules of Timatik by airline: &# 8212; Transit passengers holding two separate tickets can transit without a visa, except when arriving / departing on a budget carrier. Budget carriers are: Air Asia (AK), Indonesia AirAsia (QZ), Thai AirAsia (FD), Air India Express (IX), Cebu Pacific Air (5J), Firefly (FY), Jetstar Asia (3K), Lion Air ( JT), Scoot (TZ), Spring Airlines (9C), Tigerair (TR) and VietJet Air (VJ).

I came to the conclusion that more than 80% of travelers without visas allowed the Singapore low cost airlines.

Not allowed on flights ours and other tourists without a visa because of Singapore Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore budget carrier:

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