How we played with an elephant in a spin

Acquaintance with elephants in zoos and circuses taught us to think that there is no creature more relaxed and good-natured. Meanwhile, in the wild version it is one of the most aggressive animals in the world. No wonder the combat elephants were very effectively used in ancient wars. Probably, they were something like a tank, only instead of guns – fangs.

A personal acquaintance with an elephant happened in my Sri Lanka. Here’s where the great abundance of the neosted and eared toptunov. There are even elephant shelters, where they grow small electives, orphaned for various reasons, the most important of which is human activity. Elephants sometimes undermine mine fields that appeared as a result of confrontation "Tamil Tiger" and government troops. Frequently stories and cases of poaching. By the way, for killing an elephant on Sri Lanka, a life imprisonment is relying. But not all this stops.

Locals use elephants in the household or to show tourists. They are domesticated and safe, how much can be a safe animal. However, wild individuals are found. Paying a certain amount, the tourist can hire a jeep with the driver and go to "safari", during which he will be shown in the binoculars grazing farmers of the flock of wild elephants. As a rule, they are represented by females and young. Adult males prefer to walk on the savanna on their own.

I wanted to see a wild elephant since childhood. Of the present freedom-loving giant, and not tamed and riding tourists for money. To this end, I went to the National Park of Us Valave, which occupies an area of ​​40 thousand hectares in the south of the island. Use services "safari" desire was not, what’s the difference – observe elephants on TV or binoculars? Therefore, ignoring the invitations of local park workers, I went to walk alone. Backpack was put on storage in a nearby village, so I went to light.

The road and civilization remained far behind his back, I walked along the savannah, inhaling it with nothing with anything comparable. Vegetation was a bit – high grass, dry shrubs, rare trees. It seemed that it was impossible to wander through these expanses, it is impossible, never met anything larger butterflies. I have already doubted whether it is worth going on, as suddenly, in the distance, I noticed a lonely elephant. I was covered by hunting excitement. Pulled out the camera from the case and began to sneak closer. Elephant taped, experiencing two pleasures at once – stood in a mud and he was graced in the sun.

It was dark brown, not very large and rather chumadic. However, clean and will not spend your free time in a puddle. Elephant has such a pastime delivered unspecified bliss. He smiled, frowned his eyes and even quietly stroked away from pleasure. Perhaps he was dreaming cute brown elephants.

Trying to make as many pictures as possible, I, forgetting about caution, sneaked and closer. And here under my foot loudly chopped branch. I’m frozen. Elephant opened his eyes and turned his head into my side. Honestly, I did not want to disturb him, but since it happened. I raised the camera and clicked the elephant in the face. He clearly did not like it. He snorted, crossed out his foot and moved to my side. I did not expect a similar. For some reason it seemed to me that the animal would ignore me or just go away. Which I could have an interest for him? But the elephant, as soon as it turned out, I thought otherwise.

I turned and, trying not to fuss, went back. Looking back, I discovered with displeasure that the elephant and does not think to leave me alone. He raised the trunk and cried, after which the trot was launched after me. Here I realized that things are extremely serious, and the ones of all his might. Under the legs flashed some squals, small bushes and branches. I fled quickly as I could, and one thought flashed in my head: "Everything! Finished, idiot!"

As it came out, it was absolutely nowhere to run. No shelter ahead and no one will come to the rescue. The elephant is not behind. It seems that my flax heels only have been planted. The distance between us was noticeably reduced.

Ahead stood a lonely dry tree. There was nothing to think about it, there was nothing to think – too silent. But in the absence of another visible goal, I instinctively ran to him. Even bad, but protection. Meanwhile, the elephant was already completely close. Behind my back, I clearly heard his breathing and heavy football legs. He had four of them, and I realized that this is a serious advantage.

I cut a tree on the left and started running in a circle, vaguely hoping to confuse this unchivel maneuver of angry heavyweight. The elephant is relentless. For some time we ran around the tree, as tied, – the first round, the second. Maybe he ever gets tired? On the third round of the elephant I caught up.

I remember all the subsequent, as in the fog. I felt a strong blow in my back, then there were moments of flight. Interrupted. As a result, I was lying in the midst of barbed bushes. The body was sick, the head did not mind, blood flowed from the temples.

How we played with an elephant in a spin

I lay motionless, slightly bent and wrapped my head with my hands. Consciousness tormented only one question: Return elephant to finish me or not? In a couple of minutes, I Ospelled so much that I raised my head and looked at. An elephant has not been visible anywhere. Probably, deciding that he killed me, he ran to brag about his hobbed girlfriends. Well, thank God!

Uponating, I carefully looked at myself. It seems that the bones were intact, there are several bruises on the body and the face and Absadin. T-shirt and jeans were torn and covered with mud. In the hair stuck some kind of vegetable garbage. In general, we can say that I easily got off. Even the camera survived. Rubbing the hurt places, I started to get out towards the road, looking at the sides.

On the highway I was picked up a jeep staff staff. Seeing me, they were horrified and ruled all the way for my inconsity. Near the main entrance, tourists who arrived on "safari". "What’s happened?!" – Included. "He almost killed a wild elephant!" – Park employees answered them using me for educational purposes: Park visitors must comply with safety rules. Tourists were planted and made frightened eyes. Some already regretted that they bought tickets and for their money now they will go where the bloodthirsty wild elephants are taught. But, in general, it was heated interest in adventure, without which come to "safari" it makes no sense.

I started to wash away from the dirt near the plumbing column. Nearby stood alarmed employees. They needed in vindication of different heartbreaking stories about the attacks of elephants on people. Everything went out that, having met with an elephant single, to leave alive simply impossible. I was a strange exception. As it turned out, there are two typical schemes. Here is the first: the elephant worst a man with a trunk, throws on the ground, and then the boots. The second is even easier: the animal is running out and pierces the victim by the tummy. Good that "my" Elephant, apparently, was young and did not have time to repel the beer. Lucky unusually.

As a small compensation for moral damage, I was presented with a bottle of lemonade and advised to avoid risky meetings. I promised. In fact, it’s time to take a break from the adventure.

And yet, after time, I think that elephant was pretty cute. And bold – not afraid of me. In general, we played nicely with him in the spots. Well done, guy!

How we played with an elephant in a spin

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