How we managed to fly to Turkey in March 2021 – Road

Turkey in March 2021 – unexpected, sunny-windy and still affordable for our tourist. Fly there decided spontaneously. I doubted a long time, nervous because of the children, the road was most disturbed. Senior Child 4, younger and year. I will tell you in detail how we traveled from Ivanovo to Turkish Antalya.

Tickets bought one way, planned to spend a month in Turkey. Tickets took Tickets on the site of the airline "Victory". Back here: uniticket.RU – Cheap flights and search for the desired date for different airlines. A week after our return closed flights. We managed to see Turkey to the union and even do diving (our detailed report will soon be on the site).

The trip route was like this: Moscow-Antalya-Fethiye-Kash-Antalya (departure home).

I’ll tell about the road. It was a separate quest, how to get to the destination with two children of this age. I think many of our experience will be useful.

We were very nervous – did not know if you would have time to get on the plane, how much time will take the road to the airport from the station, as children transfer the road. But first things first.

Train Ivanovo-Moscow

Our plane departed from Vnukovo Airport at 10:30. To Moscow decided to go on a night train that comes to the Yaroslavl railway station at 6 am.

We took tickets in the coupe to contact the smaller to other passengers. We were lucky, all the way went alone. My alarms about children were in vain, they slept serene. Early in the morning we safely arrived in the capital. This stage was calm, without adventure.

Moscow – from the station to the airport with two children

Vnukovo is located on the almost diametrically opposite end of Moscow from the station. Reassured the fact that there was an early morning of the weekend, there are no traffic jams at this time in Moscow. On the advice of acquaintances decided to use the Yandex GO application.

There was a problem. We have two children, besides, of different ages. Taxi drivers, seeing a request with two children’s car seats, refused to go (usually only one chair in a taxi). The husband suggested a solution – not to indicate in the settings of the trip information about children in general, and write about it in the comments for the driver. Then one who agrees to lead us by such a composition will arrive.

They did everything in advance. By the arrival of the train driver waited for us at the station. The senior was planted in the chair, and the daughter went on my hands in the back seat (yes, we risked, could get a fine, but just got to the airport).

The road from Yaroslavsky station to Vnukovo Airport took from us 40 minutes.

In the airoport

One part of the quest was passed, and I could breathe calmly for a while. Free time before registration on the flight was plentious. It was possible not in a hurry to have breakfast, feed the children and drink coffee.

Turkey or Crimea: where to go and where it is better to rest

Blank quarantine airport Vnukovo / Photo by

In short, I will tell you how now, in the conditions of a pandemic, is registered for flight. As it should be, before the trip we passed PCR test. It was asked to present it only once – when we stood in line for the reception. Yes yes, in line. There were two special people who approached everyone and asked to show the test. Nobody demanded him more with us. Masks at the airport are required. In the cabin of the aircraft for their presence, the conductors are followed.

The process of landing on board and the flight itself went smoothly. We paid for one place of baggage up to 20 kg (we managed to clearly 20), the rest of things were carried in hand clashes. Most of the way, children, especially the youngest, slept. At 14:00 we landed at Antalya Airport.

Next, it was to get to our first place of stay in Turkey (there were only three of them). The option of the bus due to a pandemic and risk to pick up the infection shall immediately (and uncomfortable with children). Taxis happened more than taking cars for rent. Therefore, took the car for 2 days.

About our Turkish adventures, read in the report, which will soon publish on the DOROGI-NE-DOROGI website.Ru. There will be unfamiliar to many March Turkey, diving in the cold sea, delicious Turkish food, colorful attractions + our impressions of local residents and how Turkey lives in a pandemic.

* Capital photo: Boeing 373 airline victory over Turkey / Photo by

How we managed to fly to Turkey in March 2021 - Road

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How we managed to fly to Turkey in March 2021 - Road

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