How we fry salt and knives were.

After we have published a note about Bellets’s knife, it was decided to remove the material about the blacksmithing case and sow this wonderful blade. Since our good friend and beautiful blacksmith live in Kostroma, who knows the city, the choice of the city was obvious.

This time, the road to Kostroma issued a long. We did stop on the way for sketches for the film, drove into Rostov in search of pies with lentils, made video outline on the border of the Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions. In the evening we were in the city. During a small stop with a visit to the ATM, we came across a souvenir shop. In it we found beautiful boxes with black powder. Powder turned out to be the Kostroma black salt.

To dinner we were at Ivan Nekrasov. At the festive table (and we always meet us in this house), we showed a hawk (he is Ivan Nekrasov) black salt. Ivan turned a box and told us that in the Kostroma province, ancient times, such salt was harvested. He told us about the intricacies of preparation and promised the next day, during the forging of Bellevts, to make a black salt party himself. A detailed description of the process of cooking in black (or third) salt and the story about the origins of this miracle of cooking, we put in our film. So: after having discussed and discussed the details of the filming we went to the side.
Woke us Ivan at six in the morning. Lying and groachty, we led themselves in order, snacks and went to the "Forge of Yastreb". We want to tell you that he has two forge. First – home. Enjoys the owner to her as necessary. Second – labor, in the center of Kostroma. In her, Ivan officially works by Kuznets. We went to the urban forge because of the modernity and convenience of the "city branch". We did not know how much material and the doubles would have to be counted. The home formed would create a long time frame, and we were not so much time.
We arrived in twenty minutes. I want to say that the roads in Kostroma are not a gift. This is one of those cities in which the roads leave to desire better. But let’s not talk about sad. In the way, we talked about a blacksmithing case, about how they were in antiquity, about different metals, alloys, technicians and other subtleties of the crafts. An forged letter "K" was conquered at the entrance door.

Entering the room, we saw a stunning picture: in a modern brick building there was the most real forge! Horn in the corner, in the middle of the room – two anvils, closer to the window – a modern hydraulic hammer that simplifies. Everywhere there was a tool for a blacksmith, steel blanks and coal bags. Telling detail about all the nuances and technology will not. All this Ivan tells in our film. You can only say one thing: time in the forge flew unnoticed.

We managed to sow the knife, fry salt and all this, of course, to shoot at the camera.

Even our operator could not resist and grabbed the hammer. We all, under the strict supervision of the master, managed to work with steel! In the meantime, we were engaged in blacksmithing, having slept and salt.

On this day, the shooting was decided to finish. Tired, but pleased, we went to the dining room for lunch.
After having bought in the city center, we went to the central hippodrome. In the champions of the hippodrome, we were waiting for the wife and daughter of Ivan, who all their free time spend there. The fact is that all family members of the Blacksmith – veterinarians, including he himself.

Ivan chose the craft for himself by profession, but the wife of Olga and the daughter of Taisiya do not imagine his life without horses. In local stables Olga and Tay know all. They are professionals of their. We were met and set up a tour of the stables. Olga told about the horses, showed them all, caught the moment when one of the horses were settled. My wife and I have already been in this place, but our operator got into the stables for the first time. Thought that they were not fattened from the horses and he would stay there live!

How we fry salt and knives were.

As a result, we spent the rest of the day on the racetrack, but before the sunset we needed still to have to get to the Volga, to interview the main character and to shoot the old church of 1768 in the village, where his family lives.

Also, after the interview, we had to comply with the interior of the house. Here were their surprises. Houses at Ivan the whole household: chickens, geese, ducks and a lot of other living things.

Our operator is interested. Until late at night he worked in the sweat of the face. For sketches for the film Ilya (so the name of our operator), removed everything. And in the house, believe me, it was that to shoot: forged pens, locks, spoons for shoes, hangers … everything is done with your own hands and want to touch everything. While Ilya was engaged in his work, and the rest talked in the kitchen – I fell asleep.
The next day passed partially in the road. We took a few knives from the forge, they lay there in some special stove, about which it is told in one of the parts of the film, we knew the blade in the oil, which was also very interesting. After forge, we walked around the city, filmed beauty, mounted something, posed.

We went to one of the museums at the exhibition of Mari culture, visited the fair on which the flax bought, snaps and went home to the hawk. At home we continued to work on the product. Now it was necessary to process everything, clean, pollute and lead to a human look, and then sharpen. Closer to night we finished and sat down at the table. This evening we talked for a long time, remembered previous trills, joint trips. Tired, but satisfied with work, everyone went to bed.

On the last day of our stay in the city we went to the local cheese stock exchange and bought cheese on the road. I say goodbye to Ivan and thanking him for the work done, we went on the road. On the way to Moscow, by tradition, Pereslavl-Zalessky visited the tradition, scored water in the Nikitsky source, climbed the mountain to Yarilina and went visit the blue stone, who had met the traveler, and offered to get to us what he was certainly happy. That’s how many days have passed on the Volga. Many details did not describe. You will all see soon in our film.

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