How Val Torance originated: History of first hand

Not all Alpine resorts can boast of restaurants and cooks – owners of Mishlenian stars. In Val Toranse, there is such an institution, and the youngest of the honorable star of the gastronomic guidebook chef. However, the real legends here consider another institution – the traditional restaurant Les Aiguilles de Peclet, located at an altitude of 3000 meters at the foot of the Pakele Glacier, and his owner Kamieia Rea. Not so much for the sake of the Savoy recipes of Grandmother’s grandmother, who is now at eighty, how much to throw a couple of words, or even get rich in the whole history there is no one from one of the founding fathers, actually, all Val Torans.

  • Kamiy Rey. Restaurant, mountain guide, ski instructor
  • Restaurant Les Aiguilles de Peclet

Kamiya is not just the charming blue-eyed old man, who opened in 1982 the most high-alley for the time the restaurant in the French Alps. Ten years earlier, it was he who opened the highest mountain in Europe ski resort at 2,300 meters! Son and grandson of farmers from San Marten de Belville, Kamiy still managed to drive cows to the pasture on the site of the current Val Toran, and moved here finally in 1971, when the last village in the valley was a menu, where he worked as a guide and a ski instructor.

He was 30 when, together with his wife, they decided on this adventure. In the menu, Kamiy worked as an ordinary instructor and guide, drove people to the mountains, taught newcomers when he was offered to create his own school in Val Toranse. He agreed not to Medal, despite the fact that the seven of his brothers and both sisters as one sentenced him from this venture, they said that even the cows would drive in such a height. Kamiya, meanwhile, became interested in the ideas of the first, he wanted to entrust and create something in Val Toranse contrary to the perplexed neighbors from San Mountain and his own relatives.

How Val Torance was born

"It is difficult to imagine now, but then we started from an empty place, – recalls the kamiya. – There was a snow desert here, but the place was really unique, and I knew that riding would be fantastic! At this height, excellent snow from November to May, and this exposure allows you to ride the sun all day!". Of course, the beginning was not easy at all, and many residents of the Valley thought that the project of creating Val Torans was doomed from the very beginning. But Kamiya was still, he wanted to be even closer to the mountains and therefore rose to Val Torance when people who lived here were the exception, and not rule.

  • Val Torans view
  • Funicular on Pekle

Your first customers in Val Toranse Kamiya chased skiing even in the summer, on the heter. There, together with comrades, on a small gasoline engine, he managed to do something like a bougiel lift with a cable, but without a mqvabr. On it and rose all summer, and in the autumn we turned everything and dragged down. "Then it was very cool all that would happen, – says Kamiy. – Winter season of 1972 at an altitude of 2300 meters I still dream. We were only three instructors in the resort. In Christmas was, perhaps, still dozen customers. The atmosphere was delightful, Val Torans was completely our!".

Since then, the resort has become one of the largest and most popular ski centers in Europe, which today’s kamiy regrets somehow: "Of course, Val Torarans became the fantastic place we dreamed of and where people from all over the world seek, but the traditional way of life has changed a lot, we lost the spirit of a little mountain village. ".

Partly, therefore, partly due to the fact that I could not sit on the spot, Kamiy decided at some point to take care of the preservation of this spirit and opened in 1982 a restaurant at the foot of the very glacier Peklet, at an altitude of 3000 meters. He just once descended from there after skating with the next customers and said his wife that he wants to open a restaurant there. She twisted his finger at the temple, but as ten years earlier followed her husband.

  • Spacious restaurant hall
  • Savoy restaurant Les Aiguilles de Peclet
  • Traditional design restaurant

His restaurant today – hardly the main gastronomic landmark of Val Torans. "I have traditional Savoy dishes, grandmother and mother’s recipes and in general everything is in the old fashioned – both furniture, menu, and even uniform clothing, – says Kamiy, straightening the grandfather’s head. – They are just a bit do not fit down (shows on two Nepalese Sherp, working in the restaurant), but there are no strength already parting – stocking". Sherpi got rid of the campaign in Nepal, when he committed a climbing there. Now they work in the restaurant in winter, and for the summer you leave home. Camios himself almost all summer and spends in Val Torane, only occasionally leaving south of France to the sea to go fishing, and prepares Les Aiguilles de Peclet for the next winter, which is waiting for the first one, in 1972.

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