How unforgettable relax in Greece. All advantages and disadvantages

Some time ago in the news talked about Crisis in Greece, And many it seemed that this country was forever lost its former advantages. Despite all the happened, Greece rises from dusty ruins and is now developing dynamically, turning a stained reputation in its favor. Postcase Greece Demonstrates the history of success. Now only intensified traditional charm walnical houses on the vertices of the rocks, Sun filled Aegean beaches, Travel B antiquity and Mediterranean Kitchen.
This amazing country is famous for its turquoise waters and warm sandy beaches. Here you can find any vacation to taste: like classic beaches with sun loungers, umbrellas and bars, where you can have fun all day, and more secluded beaches with a peaceful, quiet atmosphere to sunbathe and read the book.


Climate and weather

Day in Greece long and combines with pleasant weather, which is rarely lowered below 10 degrees. Let Greece not always the place that many choose in winter for relaxing by the sea, But the climate in most places is still pleasant. In summer, like spring and autumn, here warmly, with sea breezes blow cool. Many agree that the spring and autumn – the best time to stay in Greece as a smaller influx of tourists and everything comes to life again.

Beaches and nature

Another trump card – a huge a variety of sandy and pebbly beaches, as well as the crystal pure water. Nature surprises with its diversity: from lush valleys to spectacular mountains, through which one can see the azure waters Mediterranean Sea.
Lots of attractions and historic sites
For those who love history, art and culture, Greece – heaven on earth. Wherever you go, you are waiting for Ancient ruins and historical places. Here and ancient Delphi, and medieval Rhodes, and unique Athenian Acropolis, and fabulous island Santorini&# 8230; Greece is famous for its abundance of priceless monuments.

Very friendly locals

Greeks are known for their friendly, welcoming and sociable. During the trip to the restaurant, you feel as if you are a guest in someone’s house. Many called after a visit to Greece second home.

The relaxed and peaceful atmosphere

Greeks are well known for their harmonious and peaceful way of life. Among the population of this country reigns stress-free approach to life. There are only a few places in the world that have the same relaxed atmosphere and pace, like Greece.

Excellent value for money and quality

Did you know that housing market in Greece there are many great deals? Small Studio in Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona and New York costs the same no matter how much in Greece was big house on one of the biggest islands of the country. This applies not only housing, but also food, various events, etc. D. prices usually below, than would be expected in large cities.

The cost of housing

Due to the recent crisis in real estate economic changes have occurred, and the Greeks were quick to sell property.
"Safety is at the optimal level, a Prices due to the recent economic turmoil – on very affordable level. you can get in our sector room for 30 euros, which otherwise would have been more expensive ", – he says Costas Brentanos, head of the company SETK, representing Greeks, renting accommodation for tourists.
"Even Upscale apartments with exquisite services and amenities that came once 120 Euro, Now available at the price 70 Euro, and the main severity of increasing VAT The hotel (from 6.5% to 13%) is carried Owners, not guests ".

Greek food

They say, there are only a few kitchens in the world, which can fight with Greek. Suvlaki, Tsatsque, Olives, Gyros, Feta Cheese And many others are unforgettable dishes Greek cuisine, which will always want to try again. Food is not only delicious, but also cheap. Especially if you visit the family restaurant, which often exceeds other institutions in many parameters.

Many attractions in the district

Most of the attractions are close to walking away from the hotel or port.
Tip: It is worth grab Non-slip shoes, especially for Lifting down the steps Acropolis. These stones are polished with thousands of shoes, and in some places can be very slippery. If you have such a shoe, you must adhere to the railing.

Bus Hop-ON, Hop-Off

Using these buses, you can see not only the whole city and discover new Attraction, But small City markets. Also there are nadaet Professional comments and Tips for tourists. For example, at which stop is better to get out to get easier to get to the place of interest. After the excursion you can always sit on another bus at the same stop and continue the journey.
Tip: A buses have free Wi-Fi. It will be useful if you do not want to pay for Wi-Fi at an overpriced price in cruises or for Slow Internet in hotels.



How unforgettable relax in Greece. All advantages and disadvantages

In the midst of the season is not easy to avoid Crowd of other tourists, not to mention Pollution, which goes next. If you are very worried about the crowd, it is possible be completely abandoned.

High expectations

It may seem that rest in Greece Reveloped. It depends on how much to naughntage about this place in its mind. It is worth adjusting your expectations, and even better not too much to make up. Better to be surprised by what wonder what disappointed.
You should also avoid rainy day. It can ruin a trip, because all the attractions are fresh air. It does not hurt to explore regular weather conditions before traveling.

relatively expensive

In comparison with some Mediterranean cities, Athens enough expensive. Here, indeed, for the money you can get less than expected, especially if traveling with the second half.


There are many tourist routes in Greece. Here is an example of a route that will allow to see the evolution of the temples of the most run-down to the most well-preserved.

Temple of Hercules: EUR 8 per person
Acropolis: 20 euros per person
Temple of Hephaestus (without museum): EUR 8 per person
Acropolis Museum: 5 euros per person
bus Hop
-On, Hop-Off: 17 euros per person

And the last advice

In the summer in the Mediterranean city very hot and humid. Must take Water, sunscreen, hat or sunglasses. It is recommended to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours for it to work properly.

Despite some flaws, Greece It is still fairyland vacation and can give you unforgettable memories. The main thing, prepare well the trip and enjoy every moment.

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