How two PCR tests will affect the demand for foreign tours

The tourist community in different ways assesses the initiative of Rospotrebnadzor to force ours to give PCR Test to return from tourist trips within 72 hours after arrival / arrival (for the first time), and the second time – within 5 days after returning to the homeland.

As you know, such a rule comes into force for Turkey and Tanzania before May 1, and for other countries – after May 1. All test data Tourists are required to download the Public Services on the portal, fines are provided for violation. As we wrote earlier, 1120 tourists from Moscow were fined for confusion of test on COVID.

Part of the tourist community considers such a decision short. Thus, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia sent the head of the opershow to combat COVID-19 Tatiana Golikova’s appeal regarding the new norm. It is invited to free from PCR tests of graft ours, and leave for unvacked only one PCR test.

The appeal notes that the price of PCR tests ranges from 2 290 to 3 240 rubles. on man. The need to pass two tests will significantly increase the cost of recreation for families.

It is estimated that a family of four, who decided to go to rest, will have to spend an additional 19-20 thousand. USD For testing tests. Thus, the new measures will suffer primarily by economic directions, the tour operators are stated, providing trips to Abkhazia. There, mostly, rude tourists go, who want to get high-quality family holidays for a small price, they do not have extra money, and 20,000 rubles. – Already core expenses. Ironically, tours themselves in Abkhazia can do cheaper of the delivery of all tests.

How two PCR tests will affect the demand for foreign tours

Tour operators note that after it became known about innovation, the demand for trips has decreased by at least half. True, the authorities of Abkhazia hope to correct the situation, having agreed with the our side of mitigating conditions for tourists.

As for foreign destinations, where the cost of the tour is in the region of 100 thousand. USD, then the tour operators are calm – their customers are ready to fulfill all anti-epidemic requirements, just to get, for example, in the Maldives.

Slightly can fall demand only on charter flights to Cuba and the UAE, and in the future – Egypt.

How two PCR tests will affect the demand for foreign tours

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