How travelers harm amazing places and sights

No one surprises when unique sites or buildings disappear due to natural cataclysms, but people sometimes harm much more than the most serious natural cataclysms.

Especially such a harmful effect intensified after the emergence of social networks and unlimited opportunity to photograph, for for the sake of good photos and memorable memories, people can literally disassemble any sight of pebbles.

The most famous attractions that were injured from tourists are:

the great Wall of China

This object is considered one of the largest in the world, which is even from space, but it is the tourists harm it much more than climatic phenomena and erosion. Every year, it is visited by a colossal number of tourists, someone for the sake of good photos, other fores, To grab a piece of the wall itself, and third to draw graffiti on it. From such action The great structure was destroyed almost a third, And he constantly restores him.

Mountains Nepal

Someone climbs on them for the sake of finding enlightenment, someone for the conquest of mountain peaks, but as a result Snow mountains, which by definition are less visited by the place, Fully littered garbage, which actually remains from tourists.

Of course, volunteers and local authorities regularly export a huge amount of garbage, but he still remains even in sufficient quantities, and tourists do not get tired of bringing a new.

Acropolis and other sights of Greece

Their tourists love to visit no less than other world and historical places, but precisely a large amount and harms old buildings and their remnants. Stones are destroyed more active, and the tourist is not averse to grab them as souvenirs, Because of what some famous sights have long been restored from modern materials almost completely.

How travelers harm amazing places and sights

Holidays in Bali

It is considered one of the most amazing in the world, but this Popularity brings nature only pollution. Most of the beaches, especially public incredibly polluted garbage, not to mention the garbage in the water. Private beaches are naturally cleaned, but also to get simple resting on them is not easy. It is curious that India is thought to be the most polluted, but if in Bali deviate from tourist and spa places, the situation here will not be better.

Nature Iceland

Tourists come here for the sake of love for nature, but most of this nature and spoil. Unique places are polluted, the earth and moss are digging out of natural places and do not return to places (when tourists put tents) and many similar actions, extremely destructive affecting the local beauty.

It does not matter which goal is being pursued by holidaymakers and travelers, the essence is that it destructively affects unique places, because of which in the future they can disappear in general, and with them all their history or significance. In view of this, each tourist must be conscious and travel so as not to harm unique places.

How travelers harm amazing places and sights

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