How tourists are cheating in Turkey: 5 main tricks

Picturesque beaches of Turkey, the magnificent coast and the gentle sea attract travelers. But, as in any country, there are its own features. Those who first decided to go on holiday to Turkey, it is important to know about them, so as not to spoil your vacation. In this article we told what ways of deception can tide in Turkey and how to avoid them.


Among the taxi drivers a lot of scammers. There is no such thing as night and day rates. He is one at any time of day. The average cost for landing is 3 lira. When choosing a car, it is important to pay attention to the working counter or not. This device will show the fare and distance of the trip. It should be noted that many taxi drivers, seeing tourists, do not include counters. Therefore, it is important to trace them. If the car has a counter, it is worth learn from the driver an approximate fare.

Credit cards

Especially need to be careful when paying for goods and services card. It is important to know about some rules: producing payment by this payment instrument, in no case cannot be given it to unauthorized persons – waiters, sellers and t.D. After the transaction, be sure to require the check. It will be accurate proof that deception was not perfect. Also, when entering the PIN code, you need to cover the keyboard with hand. Today, there are many fraudulent tricks in Turkey, thanks to which you can easily withdraw money from someone else’s card, even without plastic media.


Going for shopping on the market, you need to know that prices for the goods are not per kg, but for 500 gr. This is a trick of sellers. Many unreleased tourists thus overpay huge amounts.

How tourists are cheating in Turkey 5 main tricks

Rent a Car

Many tourists rent cars. The unscrupulous owners are deceiving them, stating the client that the company came to the company a penalty for violation of the ride and need to pay it. Being completely confident that the rules were not disturbed, it is necessary to ask for evidence. If they are not – immediately call the police.


As in many countries, there are many thieves in Turkey. Moreover, theft is possible not only in crowded places, but also in hotels, cafes, shops and t.D. In order not to become a victim, you do not need to carry large amounts of money, bright and expensive jewelry. Do not attract attention to yourself, be sure to follow the documents and do not leave them unattended.

How tourists are cheating in Turkey 5 main tricks

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