How tourists are bred?

Tourists &# 8211; This is a real tallery piece for various scammers. If you are often traveling, you probably have already come across some kind of divorce or saw how others got on it.

Divorce with ring

This is perhaps one of the most popular types of tourist divorce, especially in Paris. Most often produce these gypsies, but such a focus can be checked and quite respectable type of lady or as in the photo below, girl with a child. Suspect the catch in this case much more difficult.

So what is it?

You go down the street, a person is suitable for you, raises the ring from your feet (in fact, it just pretends that he raises) and asks you not chosen him? Most naturally answer &# 8220; no&# 8221; And then the presentation begins.

The man who raised the ring is intently looking at him, even shows you a sample and immediately suggests to buy it. Or just gives, and then says that according to custom you have to give a little money for him, then you will be accompanied by luck and t.NS. Naive tourists think that for 20 euros they got an expensive gold ring, but in fact it is an ordinary cheap bijouterie for a couple of euro (at best).

Friendship Bracelet

Popular way to dilute tourists, very often found in Paris and Rome. The guys fit to you and put on the hand of the bracelet, at the same time sentencing that this is a gift for good luck and t.NS. But as soon as the nodule rose asking for money. The first thing makes a bit of a tourist &# 8211; trying to remove it, but it’s not easy to do it.

Hand dexterity and speed of tying of this bracelet simply amazes, so if you see this hitching hands 🙂 they are very arrogant.

Flowers for lady

Object divorce, as a rule, a young couple. A man with flowers fits you and gives a lady one flower. But literally a few meters, he catches you and asks for him money. As a rule, in such a situation, a man is unlikely to take away a flower with his lady and return it to a fraudster, so this is a practically guaranteed way to get a couple of euro from tourist.

With the next divorce, you can meet not only abroad, there are various variations in Russia.

Seller in trouble

As a product can act anything, leather jacket, a set of expensive dishes and t.NS.

According to the scenario &# 8220; seller&# 8221; found himself in a difficult situation. He was blocked by a credit card, the money unexpectedly ended or they were stolen. Only the goods that he suggests you buy by cheap. In fact, the goods have a second-time product and you overpay for it times in two.

Especially artistic comrades, play the scheme just ingenious. At first, how would you become acquainted with you, you suddenly have common interests, for example, learning that you are from Russia, he can appeal and declare that his wife or his brother’s wife is also our. We will not have time to wake up, as for 5-10 minutes you will have a new friend. According to the script, immediately after acquaintance, he asks for him to help him, for example, push the car, pump the wheels and gives his goods as a gratitude, absolutely free. But the show just begins!

Then he returns to his car and discovers that its gasoline is almost at zero, and the money was sold somewhere. Who to ask for help? Of course, to a new friend who has just received an expensive thing in gratitude. You give him some money, t.E. It seems to be the goods and presented to you, but in fact you all paid for it, and as it turns out not enough.

New acquaintance

This type of divorce is specifically for men. You &# 8220; by chance&# 8221; Meet the street with a pretty girl. It can introduce themselves as a local who invites you to show the city or weave the tourist and asks for your help to find some place. Dating scenario can be any. After a short conversation, she suggests continuing to get acquainted in the bar at a glass of something stronger coffee. Bar chooses she and only when you bring the transcendant account you will understand &# 8211; You are divorced.

If you met someone on the street and this person immediately invites you to drink at the bar &# 8211; Choose the bar for yourself!

How tourists are bred

Help homeless animals

Signature collectors can now be found in almost any tourist location. A person is suitable for you and asks to sign a petition in defense&# 8230; No matter what, it can be anything, from hungry children in Africa to helping homeless animals. You put a signature, and then there may be two scenarios:

1. Until you explained the essence of petition Your pockets cleans the pocket.

2. You subscribe to paper, of course, without reading (at best, it will be in English), and then it turns out that by putting a signature, you agreed to donate to the organization of a certain amount of money. Fraudsters are pretty arrogant and not to pay it will be quite difficult.

&# 8220; Oh, I’m inappropriately stained you&# 8221; Or take care of pockets

Another popular type of fraud, the extractive pockets are industrially. On your clothes &# 8220; inadvertently&# 8221; shed ketchup, coffee, but anything and then help you clean it. At this time, your pockets are thoroughly feeling and empty.

In the most arrogance, the script is played &# 8220; Hold the baby&# 8221;, you are in hand to hand, more precisely, they even throw a baby (actually a doll) and at this time the accomplices get the phone and purse from the pocket.

Sometimes the scene is played with the assistant. One pretends to the tourist and asks to help him deal with the map, the other at that time pulls out your wallet. If there are two of them or three, to keep track, for the movement of each company is quite difficult.

The most difficult case is played by mature comrades. You are inappropriately falling in front of you, naturally, if mom and dad brought up you well, you come to help the elderly, and at this time he is very cleverly empty your pockets.

Remember that appearance can be very deceptive. Pickpocket &# 8211; This is not always a beggar in dirty clothes. It can be quite tidy dressed man or a disguised tourist with a camera on the neck and a guide in hand.

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