How tourism will develop after COVID-19?

Glenn Fogel &# 8212; CEO of Booking Holdings (a company that owns Booking, Priceline, Agoda, Kayak, Cheapflights, Rentalcars, Momondo and Openable) reported that the current crisis is worse than all previous "large" destruction combined.

ACI Europe reports that only on March 31, the number of passengers decreased by 97.1% compared with the same day in 2019.

In 2009, due to the global financial crisis, European airports lost 100 million passengers for 12 months.

Coronavirus took only 31 days &# 8212; month March to lose even more.

Below the picture with the number of flights in Europe in March of this and last year.

It is not clear what the future expects the tourism industry. But there are some steps that companies will be taken now to prepare for the exit after the situation with Coronavirus.

COVID-19 is unique in that we do not yet know when world insulation will end, closed borders to predict how long we will be at home.

How tourism will develop after COVID-19?

Here I will tell about the steps that travel companies, airports will try to prepare for the nearest future.

Investing in Marketing

Travel companies will start investing money in marketing to be able to arrange priorities analyzing the current and past crises.

Companies with the help of preparation for such situations will be able to speed up their recovery in the future.

Optimization of contact center and innovation in online platforms

Because travel is canceled around the world, contact centers have encountered a huge number of calls, help requests, requests for money return.

Companies can reduce the amount of work of the Countries, analyzing and rearing customer needs. As well as improving and expanding the functionality of its online platforms.

Analysis of the recovery of competitors

Many airlines, small and medium hotels and independent travel agencies faced financial difficulties and bankruptcy.

T.To. The fight against the virus passes everywhere in different ways: with different deadlines and various types of quarantine conditions, then return to the tourist industry of countries will be uneven.

Internal trips are likely to return to us faster than international. Some countries will be open earlier than others.

Travel companies can analyze how the competitive environment will go out and recover after quarantine.

Companies that are able to return to the working mode should take steps now, be ready to conquer the market share and offer customers new services.

It is likely that the changing competitive environment of companies will make them invest in online customer-oriented channels.

Cruise companies, for example, will try to sell tickets directly to consumers, as many of the cruise tourist agencies can no longer return to the operating mode.

Hotels will also probably try directly to go to the client. T.To. Travelers will prefer housing, like AirBNB, where quality assists, flexibility in changing booking or canceling the reservation.

Health and well-being of customers to the fore

After COVID-19, travelers will expect higher standards to ensure their well-being. And online tools will allow you to carry out without contact payment and operation of processes.

How tourism will develop after COVID-19

For example, mobile technologies, such as non-contact payments due to coronavirus, have become in demand and even recommended measure of use in many stores.

An example of introducing new technologies can be observed in Chinese airports, where there are stands with recognition of individuals to help travelers check their flight status, to register and find your flight gate.

The future of travel will be clearly different from what we have seen before.

Friends, data for this article I took from the sites of foreign leading news canals about tourism. So please forgive for not quite the correct lexical construction of proposals in the text above.

What I think about it?

You know, almost every night in a dream I travel.

Travel This is a bright experience of experiences which like a magnet continues to pull me to myself even during quarantine.

Travels give us:

  • feeling of freedom;
  • inspiration and pleasure of the beauty of nature;
  • the joy of presence;
  • sun, sea, mountains;
  • Improvement;
  • new experience;
  • Live and bright experiences;
  • what inspires live and much more.

COVID-19 stopped the work of tourist activity. But it is important to remember that tourism was incredibly active and beat records before the pandemic began.

Looking for the past, we can say that travels are one of the most sustainable industries in the world.

And although we do not know exactly when travel is resumed in full force. But we can be sure that they will return to us.

The tourism industry has survived a lot of catastrophic events and in all circumstances travel always returned back and flourished.

How tourism will develop after COVID-19

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