How to work abroad and travel around the world? Interview with Yulia Gorbalava

My travels began with US trips on the work program & Travel.

After graduating from the university, I firmly realized that I want to fly to another country for a long time, live, work and concern.

The choice was made in favor of Thailand. And buying a one-way ticket I went to conquer Bangkok.

Work as a teacher in English allowed me to travel a lot, and thus travels became an integral part of my life.

After life in Thailand, I moved to live in South China. However, my travels were not limited to Asia, I also travel to Europe and America’s countries.

Such a contrast will give the opportunity to feel as far as our world is interesting and multifaceted, as far as we differ from each other in the mentality, in cultural traditions, but how much is common between us.

Which countries have you visited where most liked?

Over the past 6 years, travel, I visited more than 30 countries (in the USA, Mexico, Cuba, European countries – Italy, Spain, Greece, most countries of South Kazakhstan, India, South Korea, and MN.dr).

Each country is unique. One of the most memorable trips was a trip to India, where I managed to participate in the Indian wedding.

Julia at the Indian Wedding

From the last visited countries, I especially liked Australia.

I was struck by the beautiful wildlife of the continent, a variety of national parks where you can find a free walking kangaroo and enjoy extraordinary flora and fauna.

Unforgettable emotions brought a trip to the Big Barrier Rifu.

Julia and rock &# 171; 12 apostles&# 187; In the National Park Port Campbell, Victoria in Australia

It was difficult to get a visa to Australia?

After about 3 weeks, confirmation is confirmed by mail.

All visas data are recorded in the database, so you do not even have to show a printed letter on passport control in Australia.

It is convenient that the visa is not inserted into the passport and the stamp on the border is not put.

Do you need to possess big money to travel in Australia? I heard that this is a pretty expensive country for life and travel.

Scenic beach Palm Beach in the suburb of Sydney, Australia

Yes, Australia is a country with a rather high standard of living, so prices are not small here.

The most budget option – cooking yourself from the products purchased in the supermarket.

Product quality in Australia is very good, everything is very fresh and natural.

In addition, you can eat in cafes and restaurants.

$ 20 (942 ruble), and dinner &# 8212; from $ 30 (1.413 rubles) per person. Coffee on average 3-4 dollars (150 rubles), and the cost of water is about the same.

Accommodation and excursions &# 8212; Main part of expenses in Australia.

Sydney City in Australia

Airbnb prices begin with 30 Australian dollars (1.410 rubles) per night .

Many travelers stop in camping, which allows you to significantly save.

Excursions from Melbourne and Sydney to National Parks, Mountains and Winery begins from 100 Australian dollars (4.711 rubles) .

Diving with mask on a large barrier reef, Queensland, Australia

In the cities themselves, tourists are offered free hiking in the city, which are carried out by students. The most convenient and fiscal travel option in Australia is to rent a car.

Public transport is available within the city, worth 5 dollars (236 rubles) for travel .

In general, if we compare prices with other parts of the world, then Australia is from the most expensive countries in which I managed to visit. However, if you plan a trip in advance, you can save well.

Koala in Australia

Australia is a very beautiful and unique place to travel and personally I highly recommend visiting this continent. It is absolutely worth.

You said you work in China. It was difficult if it was to get a job in China as a teacher of English?

Lecturer of English &# 8212; The most popular vacancy in China is recent years.

In China, they are mainly looking for people initially speaking in English, as well as an important role, the presence of certificates of type TOEFL and them like.

Julia with Chinese students

After dozens interview, I managed to find a job in China in a prestigious international Canadian school.

What requirements need to be performed by the applicant to get a job in China as a teacher of English?

Shenzhen city in which Julia works

Requirements for obtaining a working visa recently complicated and teachers are not native speakers take not willingly in big cities. However, everything is possible, and always need to try.

How do you manage to combine frequent travel and work in China?

Work as a teacher in China allows a lot to travel because of a large number of vacations and public holidays.

In China, there are seven official holidays, of which five – last three to four days. Day of the formation of the People’s Republic of China lasting week and the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated by two or three weeks.

New Year celebration in China

We tell us about life in China, is it really different from life in Russia?) What do you like in China, what positive parties remember?

The first impression of China is the crowd of people and constant movement. Everyone goes somewhere, go or run.

Shenzhen, like any other metropolis, almost never sleeps. You can go in 3 o’clock in a cafe, and it will be filled more than half.

Traffic on the street at night remains almost the same as the day. However, very quickly get used to such a rhythm of life and poured into his stream.

Roads in Shenzhen, China

Life in China is very comfortable and convenient: you can get out of the house with the phone alone, call a taxi, pay the bill, order food, buy tickets to the cinema using only one application- WECHAT.

China is relaxing, everything is available here:

  • Wanted products from the supermarket – called you brought;
  • Wanted to eat in 12 nights – called, brought again;
  • Laziness wash your head – went to the hairdresser, you For 30 yuan (300 rubles) washed her head, made a massage, you got satisfied and happy.

China’s difference from Russia in my opinion is associated with improvement.

Infrastructure is very developed here &# 8212; The road is perfect, everywhere ramps, tracks for the blind, relative purity and a lot of greens.

In every courtyard there is a sports field, on which someone is always engaged in.

In the evenings, women from forty to infinity and dance collective dances are gather everywhere and dancing, men practic Chinese gymnastics Tai Chi.

Julia in Shenzhen, China

What difficulties, negative moments you remember living in China?

First difficulty is a language.

Living in China I sometimes feel in isolation. I moved to China without knowledge of the language, and living here four years I understand something on the household level, but I can’t talk freely with the Chinese.

In Chinese, it is not enough to simply say the word, must be the right intonation and stress, otherwise you will be taken there or prepare anything.

My advice &# 8212; In China, you need to go prepared.

From negative moments immediately that comes to mind &# 8212; This is a culture of behavior in society. The Chinese are very specific people and their culture is sharply different from the Western Sample.

How to work abroad and travel around the world Interview with Yulia Gorbalava

So, belching, loud seasoning and smoking in public places here is normal, unfortunately.

Most of the Chinese speak very loudly, and do it everywhere, it looks like it looks like they shout each other, but it’s just a conversation.

Also, the concept of the queue in China does not seem to exist, the locals always go on a break, not noticing those around them.

Life in China is not very simple, but very exciting and interesting.

What are you basically feed, living in China?

I live in Shenzhena, where almost all the kitchens of the world are represented, here everyone finds something to taste, because restaurants and kitchens are a huge amount literally everywhere.

If we talk about Chinese cuisine, then she is an amateur. As in many Asian countries, street food is very available in China, she is sold everywhere and worth a penny.

Very pleased with a huge variety of exotic fruits all year round.

Dear whether long-term housing in China?

Skyscrapers in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, where Julia works

The average price in Shenzhenya for the studio begins from 40 thousand rubles a month .

In small cities and provinces you can remove for 15-20 thousand rubles per month .

What are the interesting places of China, you would recommend to visit?

In China, there are a lot of interesting places to visit, ranging from the Great Wall.

I would like to tell about two unique places in China, in which I managed to visit.

Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan Province, namely, the so-called Mount Avatar.

&# 171; No photos can pass through the magnificence and greatness of this place&# 187;

The bizarre rocks of this unique fleet became the real prototypes of world-famous "Allelujah soaring mountains".

Such an amazing landscape was formed as a result of long weathering and flushing.

I started familiarizing with the mountains, since I wanted to feel from the inside this fantastic place and enjoy an extraordinary flora and fauna, as well as to meet wild four-legged friends.

Monkey in National Park Zhangjiajie

You can use the cable car or the famous glass elevator, but in queues you can spend several hours.

Another place that I highly recommend for visiting and dating with Chinese culture &# 8212; Town Jancho in Guangxi Province.

This is a small town, surrounded by villages, fields, and most importantly &# 8212; Amazing hills. Creates a feeling that I got into the landscape of an ancient Chinese artist.

Julia in the city of Yansho

Magic city Yangsho

To drive around the main interesting sights in a few hours by bike.

Also highly recommend the alloy on bamboo rafts along the river, which offers a landscape that is depicted on bill of 20 yuan.

Speaking about prices, they are pleasant for the budget traveler, everything is very convenient and accessible.

What recommendations you would give people who would like to travel, but because of fears, restrictions on money, binding to the homeland until they can afford.

Do not be afraid if the journey to plan competently and in advance, you can put in a very modest budget.

You can find cheap accomfort on Airbnb or stay free through Couchsurfing.

Food in Asia and in particular in China can also be organized fastened (200-300 rubles per person per day) If you eat in the local cafe and not be afraid to try out street food.

The main cost of spending is a flight, but if you can book in advance you can find the appropriate option (often with transfers).

I use Skyscanner and Kayak sites for searching and buying tickets.

I am constantly asked – why am I traveling? Why spend money on travel when you can buy a car or accumulate money for an apartment?

Reasons to travel a great set and how it is impossible to say better Averalius Augustine: "The world is a book, and one who does not travel, reads only one page". That is why it is important to travel!

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