How to weigh baggage?

Suitcase weight &# 8211; Very important question when preparing for traveling. As you already, probably, you know, each airline has its weight requirements and a transfer policy. Somewhere close eyes on an extra kilogram, and somewhere will make you pay.

Today we will talk about how to weigh the luggage to avoid the advantage.

How to weigh luggage at home?

At home weigh your suitcase only weighs, ordinary outdoor or special for baggage.

Luggage weighing technology outdoor weights extremely simple. First you become on the scales and remember your weight. Then weighed holding a suitcase. The difference of these two scales and the weight of the suitcase.

However, here you can face with a small complexity. If the suitcase is big, then you will close the screen with weight, here you will need an assistant to see the meanings.

Small suitcases, depending on the design of the scales, you can weigh and separately, simply putting on the scales.

In any case, it is much more convenient to weigh a suitcase or bag with special baggage weights. They can be bought at the airport, in stores where they sell suitcases or order via the Internet.

How to weigh baggage

Ordinary manual scales with which some go to the market here will not fit, t.To. weight suitcase, as a rule, 20-23 kg, they are simply not designed for such weight.

How to weigh the luggage at the airport?

Weigh the suitcase at the airport is very simple. If there are no special scales, they are found in some places, then you can approach any empty front desk and weighed it. Scales there usually work.

If there are no empty racks, then look for a rack DROP OFF &# 8211; This is a rack for registration of passenger luggage, which went online registration for flight. You can easily weigh your luggage there.

How to weigh baggage

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