How to warn the bank about the trip abroad – 5 important items

All that you need to remember that the trip go no extra problems is to be prevented by a trip abroad. I will tell you how to do it simple and fast.

What needs to be done before leaving:

  1. Install and configure your mobile application.
  2. Warn the bank about the trip abroad – let me know what country and for what time you fly.
  3. Set up limits for removal and shopping.
  4. Connect SMS-Informing.
  5. Check currency courses.

Now everything will tell you in detail.

If you know where to enter the Internet bank or in what number to call, you can warn the bank about the trip abroad in a few minutes.

For example, take Sberbank as the most popular and tinkoff.

Mobile Bank – Main Financial Management Tool on Trip

Mobile Bank is a special application through which you can follow the account of the account and maintain communication with the bank.

The better the service is developed in the bank, the more actions can be performed with a map. For example, in a Tinkoff Bank in an application you can perform almost any operation. Sberbank has a smaller feature set. Both banks are constantly developing their applications.

Standard set of commands that are in most applications, and can come in handy in travel:

  • Check balance – Here you can see how much money remains on the account, as well as see all replenishments and spending from the card;
  • payment of bills – It is hardly possible to pay for utilities on the trip, but the replenishment of the mobile phone balance can be useful;
  • Map Lock – in case she disappears.

To start working with a mobile bank you need to do 2 things: install the application and get a login and password to enter it.

When installing the application you need to be attentive to not download the fake. This may lead to the fact that fraudsters will access the personal account and account management. It is best to proceed to download the program on the link from the official website of the bank. In Sberbank, they are located on the online services tab.

In the Tinkoff Bank on the Mobile Applications tab.

I love to use QR code.

It is convenient because you do not need to go to the website of the bank from the smartphone. It is enough to scan the code from the computer screen with a special application and immediately get to the desired page to install the program.

Applications are free, but for individual operations bank can take a commission. This is written about this in the message before the payment is confirmed.

If everything is simple with downloading programs, the login and password to enter your personal account should be obtained in advance.

In the bank Tinkoff:

  1. On the main page of the site, click the "Login" button and then on the link "Get Login".
  2. In the window that appears, enter the card number, code from the SMS message, and then come up with a login and password. All, you can use.

To get a login and password in Sberbank, the card must be connected to a mobile bank.

This allows you to receive a confirmation codes on the phone number. You can configure it in the department. Be prepared that at the same time, employees will impose any additional services. For example, I had to connect the autopayment on a mobile phone. It is unlikely that it is hard to you, but managers perform the plans and refuse to perform simple tasks without it.

Another option – connect a mobile bank in an ATM.

To do this, select item "Information and Services" and follow the prompts on the screen. It will be needed by the card and the phone that will be configured.

Now you can register in the Personal Account:

  1. On the main page of the site, click the Sberbank online button and then on the "Registration" link.
  2. In the field that appears, enter the card number, confirmation code from SMS and come up with a login and password.

For easy login in mobile applications, you can configure a fingerprint connection or a short digital code.

Remember that the program should not be used when connected through unprotected Wi-Fi channels. With their help, fraudsters can intercept your personal data.

Bank should know about the trip abroad – how to warn it

As soon as I define with the timing and travel vessel, I immediately send information to my bank.

Then you can forget about it, it will be unpleasant for the first day to find yourself in someone else’s country with a blocked card. The bank may calculate that your card was stolen if she was started to pay on the other end of the world. To protect you, it will block the bill, and its recovery will take some time.

To warn Tinkoff Bank about the trip abroad in three ways:

1. In mobile application – on the bottom line click on the button "Yet" And choose item "Operations abroad". Here click on the link "Add trip" and fill the country fields, start date and expiration date. After saving the information will appear in the section "Upcoming Trips".

2. Online Bank – To do this, click on your profile in the upper left corner of the screen and choose the item "Operations abroad". Next, the algorithm is similar.

3. By phone – At any time you can call the number 8 800 555 2550 and inform information about the trip to the operator.

I have been looking for a field for a long time where to make information in the Sberbank’s personal account. As it turned out, in vain. This service is none in the Internet, nor in the mobile bank is not provided. If you are on vacation, you need to call 900 numbers and report it to the operator.

Properly configured limits – the key to your safety

The limit on the map is a limitation of the amount you can withdraw cash or pay for shopping in stores. Such restrictions are two types: those that are automatically installed by the bank, and those that client configures independently.

The purpose of the limits is to secure the use of the card.

Standard bank restrictions just above the amounts who spend an ordinary person. So we usually do not notice them.

For example, on the map of Tinkoff Bank, I can get in cash 150,000 per month. I do not remember that when I shot so much.

If desired, you can agree with the bank to increase standard limits. To do this, make a hot line or contact the department. As a rule, employees go to the customer individually.

With limits that can be configured independently, everything is easier. Here we can regulate the amounts themselves, pushing out our planned costs.

This tool on the trip will be useful for two reasons:

  1. Protects from theft – There is always a risk of meeting with fraudsters, so it is better to install small limits and gradually increase them as spending. In case you will steal the card, you will not remove much from it.
  2. Will help meet the budget – I am very restraining me from excessive spending. On vacation always wants to afford more than you need. Limits will help keep spending within the budget.
How to warn the bank about the trip abroad - 5 important items

Restrictions can be placed on a month or day.

Monthly limits I set up taking into account the total budget of the trip, and daily indicate about 10,000 rubles in the amount of 10,000 rubles. If you need more – in a few minutes I change the amount on the big and buy the right thing.

For additional protection, you can completely disable purchases on the Internet.

Unfortunately, such a way of additional protection does not work for Sberbank cards. Install restrictions on them can only be in a written application in the department. So I do not hold a lot of money on this map. I take her with me just in case.

In Tinkoff Bank, I configure limits through a mobile application or Internet Bank:

  • In mobile application – in point "Yet" There is a section "Limits". Here I choose the desired card and exhibit suitable limitations.
  • Online Bank – In the left side of the screen, I choose a map, and then enter the point "Limits". Making the appropriate settings.

This can be done on the phone, but takes more time.

Little limits stand on maps only if there is constant access to secure Internet access on the trip. If you doubt it, it is better not to risk not to stay without money.

How to establish a connection with the bank

To date, there are 3 ways to remote communication with the bank:

  1. Telephone call.
  2. SMS-service
  3. Chat

Often phone numbers for communication with the bank indicate the reverse side of the card. Relying that she is always at hand. It can steal. Best pre-save all the necessary contacts to your phone. In addition, in someone else’s country, there will definitely not be the necessary offices, but to go to the site can be nowhere.

It is important to remember that the number you have usual 8 800 may not work when calling from another country. Note, the usual city number is usually indicated next to such a telephone.

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Sberbank is +7 495 500 5550, at Tinkoff Bank +7 495 645 5919.

Often clients turn off the SMS service, since it can be paid.

For example, in Tinkoff Bank and Sberbank for it 60 rubles per month. For the period of the trip it is better to connect. For a small amount, you can promptly get information about any action with the map: SMS on cash removal, purchase, transfer, about entering your personal account. This will help you to detect the loss and respond.

Connect the service in a savage in the department, through an ATM or by number 900. Mobile bank must be configured. If it is not, only the first two options are available.

In the Tinkoff Bank, it is enough to call for a hot line or write to chat.

Chat – This is a convenient service that has not had for almost all banks. It works on the principle of conventional messengers: you write your question and get a quick response to it. With a standard request, a message with information sends a bot. If you need any clarification, the operator comes.

In order to take advantage of such a service, for example, in Sberbank, it is enough to go to the main page of the site.

Currency courses

The main thing is to find out the course of the US dollar or the euro, because even when traveling to the country, where other banknotes go in circulation, we will change money through them.

With cash exchange, everything is clear: there is a sales course. It is on him that the cashier will issue the necessary amount taking into account his commission. The course may differ in a large or smaller direction depending on what operation you want to perform. It depends on the commissions that take a financial institution.

Types of cards:

  1. Cash withdrawal.
  2. Paying shopping.
  3. Translation between accounts and others.

Before travel, compare these numbers. It is possible that cash removal from the card will be converted to a more favorable rate than in the exchanger. Could be the other way around – the bank takes an increased interest for paying for purchases in foreign currency. Detailed information is always presented on banks.

But pay purchases better than MasterCard MasterCard MasterCard.

In 2014, when the dollar began to grow sharply, some banks took up to 5% commission for paying purchases with conversion. Because of this, many have spent more than expected.

It happens more often, because the course for removing cash from the card is almost no different, but allows you to avoid commissions that take exchange points.

It is important to remember that courses are dynamic. Therefore, it is better to check the information once again before the trip.

What else can come in handy on the trip

The most important thing for the safe use of the map is the ability to respond in time on its loss. In this case, it must be immediately blocked. The faster, the less likely that fraudsters will be able to kidnap your money.

There is always item in any personal account "Block the map".

Only after that you can begin to take other actions: contact the bank and the police, search for a map, transfer money to other accounts.

All the necessary translations to other cards can be done through a mobile application. Almost all banks this is done equally on the tab "Payments".

Depending on where exactly you want to make a translation, you need to select the appropriate menu item and follow the prompts on the screen. The presence or absence of the Commission will be written in the message before the operation confirmation.


Map is one of the safest ways to transfer money and payment, but it does not protect 100% of fraudsters.

A few minutes spent before traveling to study the main features of the map and setting it up, can save from unpleasant consequences. All these rules are quite simple, and the ability to quickly respond to freelance situations will save you from excess spending and loss.

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