How to wander around the world economically? Take a smile and hardworking

It would be nice to travel around the world as a real tramp – without a cue in your pocket, but with regular satisfaction of natural needs in civil format.

Idiot’s dream, say? Think that free cheese only in a mousetrap? Partly you are right, and partly – no.

Of course, completely free travel is no. But there are quite a lot of ways to wander around the world and save at least on food and housing. Several secrets I’ll tell you.

Surely, many have heard of the famous The world movement coachsurfing. On the site of the same name, you can find a welcoming owner from the city where you plan to go, contact him, agree, and you will definitely allocate free corners for sleep in distant areas and may feed.

Advantages of coachsurfing: saving on hotels, the opportunity to meet new people, see the country and the city as they are.

Disadvantages: usually receiving parties – and active travelers themselves. This means that if your "friend Jim" ever appears in Moscow, or where you live there, by default it is necessary to take on the role of a welcoming owner.

How to wander around the world economically take a smile and hardworking

And do not forget that the participants of this movement are kind of like drivers who pick up the hitchhikers for entertainment. While you are at the coachsiefer, you do not have the right to a dull mood – Rude Positive and Keep Smiling.

If you entertain unfamiliar people – this is not yours, there is another option. You can become a member WWOOF programs (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms – Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms).

It kind of like agrotourism. If you do not have anything against the sleep of physical work in the fresh air, then you can invite some farmer from Europe to help the housework. Such travelers are called – Working Guests.

This is not an earnings, all payment is a free table and housing, but no one will exploit you on plantations. A couple of hours was useful and you can freely deal with the fact that you arrived – to study the country.

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